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conservatory blinds

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Once a luxury item, a conservatory is now a feature of many homes but that doesn't mean it has become any less special.

Blinds may be an afterthought but as any conservatory owner knows, they are an essential, helping to regulate the temperature for a comfortable year-round environment.

They are also a great way to provide privacy and add character to your 'glass room'.



Pleated blinds for conservatories

Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds were designed with conservatories in mind. Smart and stylish, they can be tailored to fit the different shaped windows in the conservatory roof, while being easy to operate. To help maintain a comfortable year-round temperature, special fabrics are available that reflect the heat of the sun away from the conservatory in the summer months, while stopping it escaping in the winter.

Perfect fit blinds

Perfect fit pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are a perfect solution for the sides of your conservatory too, and our range includes colours to contrast or co-ordinate with your roof blinds. For uPVC conservatories, Pleated blinds fitted inside our PerfectFit frames could be the ideal option. No screwing or drilling is required and the blinds becomes an integral part of the window, so will stay in place even when the window is open.