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Kitchen blinds and shutters

Stylish and practical

  • kitchen with blinds
  • kitchen with blinds
  • kitchen with blinds
  • kitchen with blinds


When it comes to your kitchen, you need something at your window that not only looks great but is practical too.

Consider how easy it will be to operate and keep clean, and how much room it will take up as you may use your window sill as an additional storage space.

Smells may linger, so look for an option that is neat and simple that won't hang on to odours too.

  • Waterproof shutters perfect for the kitchen
  • Wood Illusions offer a practical alternative to Wood Venetian blinds
  • Metal Venetian blinds combine light and privacy
  • Specialist fabrics including Teflon coated and PVC options
  • Roller blinds are a traditional option


kitchen with Shutters


Shutters are a great all-round product, perfect for practically every room in the home. For the kitchen, we recommend Henley, our purpose-designed, waterproof range that is ideal for those parts of the home that are subjected to water, moisture and steam. These shutters are incredibly strong and hardwearing, so make a perfect choice if you have frequently-used French doors in your kitchen too.

Wooden Venetians for Kitchens

Wood illusions

Wood Venetian blinds look brilliant but if you would prefer a more practical solution for your kitchen, consider our Wood Illusions range. These blinds combine PVC with a natural wood effect and wood grain finish for a beautiful result. They are hardwearing and easy to clean and will provide a stunning finishing touch to your kitchen.

Venetians for Kitchens

Venetian blinds

A classic design with lots of features, Venetian blinds are a popular blind choice for the kitchen. Incredibly versatile, Venetians are available in over 100 colours as well as a variety of finishes including gloss, matt and soft sheen to suit virtually any style of kitchen. They are perfect for allowing the light in while providing privacy and they are very easy to keep clean too.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds

The perfect choice for a kitchen, Vertical blinds are practical and stylish, combining light and privacy beautifully. With loads of colour options available plus special PVC and Teflon coated fabrics that are ideal for areas that may be particularly prone to splashes, our range of Vertical blinds are versatile enough to suit any kitchen style.

Rollers for Kitchens

Roller blinds

A traditional choice for the kitchen, our Roller blinds range is second to none, with beautiful printed designs and plain options to choose from. Roller blinds are sleek and simple, taking up minimal room and giving you plenty of space on your window sill. They are easy to keep clean and straightforward to operate, essential qualities for this room of the home.



Versatile vinyl flooring is both a practical and attractive option for the kitchen. Fully waterproof, this style will not only withstand and spills or splashes when you’re preparing food, but it’s oh so easy to keep clean as well. A range of looks are available, from wood effect to ceramic tiles. And unlike real ceramic flooring, vinyl is surprisingly warm and soft underfoot.