How to clean your blinds

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Let's face it - Cleaning windows and window blinds is one of those jobs that we tend to put to the end of the list when it comes to spring cleaning. We tend to get round to cleaning window blinds when it's a monumental task rather than doing it regularly when it wouldn't be such a problem. So I thought a short guide to cleaning most window blinds quickly and easily would come in handy.

Venetian Window Blinds: You should completely remove venetian blinds from your window probably once or twice a year and place them in a bath tub full of warm soapy water. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly afterwards and remove all the soap or your blinds may turn yellow over time in. In the real world you don't always have the time to do this - so you can wipe them (while still hanging) with a mixture of vinegar and water, or a citrus based cleaner (definitely not a furniture polish), a micro fibre cloth, or you can use vacuum cleaner with an attachment designs specifically for cleaning blinds. Be gentle though vacuum cleaners can bend and break blinds if not used carefully.

Wooden Window Blinds: Here's your chance to use that feather duster you bought, or your vacuum cleaner in order to clean these blinds. You can also use furniture polish if your wooden blinds haven't been painted. Don't use water it will ruin the finish over time and make the blinds dull and lifeless.

Pleated Fabric Window Shades: The best thing for pleated fabric blinds is a brief shake to remove the dust or a quick run over with the vacuum cleaner. Whatever you do don't leave them soaking in soapy water as this makes them more likely to degrade in colour or texture (crispness of the creases) over time. If you clean your blinds on a fairly regular basis you lessen the risk of the serious dirt and grease that builds up over time. Remember take care of you window blinds, clean them regularly and they will definitely last a lot longer!

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Hillarys says:
23 November 2012, 11:55

Hi Barbara, Thank you for your enquiry. You can find information and tips for cleaning your blinds on our care tips page which can be found via the following link Many Thanks The Hillarys Team

Barbara Newbury says:
19 October 2012, 02:14

can you tell me how to clean your blinds is it possible to remove the blind from the fitting

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