Blinds perfect for an allergy-free home

10 June 2010 | Be the first to leave a comment |

Blinds perfect for an allergy-free homeSimple measures such as replacing carpets and curtains with hard floors and blinds can help make a home a better environment for allergy sufferers, according to an expert.

According to Lynda Platts, director of ACP Solutions, minor adjustments can make all the difference, with the easy-to-clean nature of blinds making them more suitable for an allergy-free home.

Ms Platts said homeowners could even purchase allergy bedding which is designed to deter dust mites, a major trigger for allergies.

"First of all the majority of dust mites are shown to live in mattresses so the first area you should protect is your bed, that is the most crucial part. After that you can think about removing carpets and putting down hard floors, replacing curtains with blinds which can be easily cleaned," she said.

In a recent article for Ideal Home Magazine, Maria Turner said it was essential to keep blinds clean in order to increase their longevity and keep them looking fresh.

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