Bedroom make-over

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Hillarys roller blinds

Make-over a Bedroom this Half Term The half term holiday has arrived giving children a well-earned break from lessons and parents a headache over childcare issues!  If you're at home this week and wondering what to do in the cold weather, take some time to plan a bedroom revamp together with your children. They'll love to get involved and will be so proud of the results if they've had a hand in achieving the finished look. Follow our simple steps and you'll have a great looking and practical bedroom in no time at all! Keep things bright and fun Children love colour, and bright rooms always look inviting. The trick is to choose colours that will see you and your child through several years. Unless you are prepared to be decorating every year or so, avoid strongly themed wall paper featuring teddy bears or superheroes for example. They'll only be suitable for a short period of time until the next big thing comes along. Instead accessorise with blinds, duvet covers, pictures and toys, which can be replaced relatively easily. Create clear areas A child's bedroom is an incredibly important place from a very young age. So much happens there from play to sleep and entertaining to homework it is vital that everything has its own space to avoid complete chaos. You don't want your child to be sleeping under a pile of clothing or trying to complete homework with toys and games scattered across their desk. Always start your revamp by marking out clear zones for each activity. Storage, storage and more storage You can never have enough storage space but it's worth trying! A table or desk for homework with drawers for schoolwork are essential as well as drawers and a wardrobe for clothes. Buckets are great for throwing toys into and easy for even the youngest of children to use too. Remember, don't have hard to reach storage units if you want your children to be involved in the tidying up. If they can reach it, there's no excuse! Safety first When it comes to fitting blinds there are a few guidelines that you must follow. First things first, you should never place beds, cots or furniture near a window where children can climb on the sill. This can be dangerous in more ways than one but if you have a blind with a looped cord, you need to take extra care to keep your blind controls out of their reach. Fitting safety devices is incredibly important and if you choose blinds from Hillarys, your advisor will do this for you. Before having the safety devices fitted, ask your advisor to shorten the controls, so they are too high for small children to notice. We also offer blinds that don't have cords or control chains including Roller blinds and Venetian blinds in a PerfectFit frame and tab Pleated blinds.  Your advisor will be able to explain more. Elsewhere in the room make sure you secure free-standing furniture and have nothing on shelving that can topple over, especially heavy items.


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