Hedgehogs Found

As bonfire night looms, checking your gardens for hedgehogs is more important than ever. Try our game by testing your reaction skills and racing against the clock to find all five hedgehogs in our bonfire puzzle.

Once you find a hedgehog click on it and then see how your reaction times stack up.

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Top tips for anyone who discovers a hedgehog in their garden this Autumn:

  • Put out dog/cat food that isn’t fish-based for food
  • Give them water not milk to drink as the latter can cause diarrhoea
  • Check bonfires before lighting as hedgehogs may confuse an excessive amount of leaves, branches and bark for a cosy new home
  • Cover any holes or drains in your garden that they may be at danger of falling into
  • If a hedgehog is found during daylight hours, it’s more likely to be in need of medical attention or have been left homeless
  • Contact a local hedgehog rescue centre if you need further assistance with a hedgehog you think might be in danger
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