The big bedroom makeover

with Joanna Thornhill

20 bloggers get help from an acclaimed interior stylist to transform their bedrooms

Completely transforming a décor can be as easy as making one or two small changes – as the bloggers taking part in the big bedroom makeover discovered.

Each of the 20 bloggers involved sent a handful of photos of their room to interior stylist Joanna Thornhill. Using Joanna's insight and a £100 budget, the bloggers were able to make amazing changes to their bedrooms.

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Tinuke, from, says:

"My daughter and I moved into a teeny tiny cottage in Hertfordshire at the beginning of the year. Her room still has that ‘rented’ feel and I'd love to make it feel a bit more personal."

Joanna Thornhill's recommendations:

1. As lovely and airy as it can look to have windows free of dressings, it's not particularly practical for aiding sleep, especially in the summer months when there are only a precious few hours of darkness. Your sloping Velux windows will require specialist skylight blinds; luckily, Hillarys stocks a range of options here, including styles specifically designed for Velux windows, and all come in a variety of fabric options, even blackout, meaning almost no light intrusion.

2. Your other window is indeed a charming little feature - to minimise hiding it, and also to minimise loss of light into the room, go for a window treatment which sits outside of the window, rather than inside its recess. A fabric Roman blind would look wonderful on the arc of the wall between the window and ceiling, or alternatively you could run a curtain pole along here and place curtains either side.

3. As loft rooms often have awkward walls and alcoves, usually bespoke fitted furniture is the best option to really maximise every square inch of space. There are several nationwide companies dedicated to this, but you might be able to come up with something a little cheaper by approaching a local builder or carpenter. Creating something from reclaimed timbers or even old scaffolding board could add character, or alternatively you could consider something made from cheap timber, such as pine or MDF, and then paint this in a shade sympathetic to the room. Try to incorporate shelving or cubby areas for display, as well as plenty of hidden storage to break things up a bit and allow you to personalise the space.


Gina, from, says:

"Our master bedroom is the only space in the house that we are yet to do anything with. We literally moved in, put the bed in and that was it. It's in dire need of a makeover as at the moment it is completely soulless."

Joanna Thornhill's recommendations:

1. Your room looks like it's a large and bright space, so perhaps the secret to adding more personality here would be to go dark and moody! Whilst some people can be nervous about using dark colours, they can make perfect sense in a bedroom where you want to feel cosy and cocooned. Seek out a shade with some warmth to it, or if you're reluctant to go for wraparound colour, stick to a feature wall where the bedhead sits.

2. Framing your bed, either with a headboard or just with some oversized cushions behind your pillows, will help define it. Your existing cushions are really pretty and bright hues like this would sing in front of a dark background, so look to bring in touches of these tones elsewhere in accessories and artwork.


Sabina, from, says:

"Our boys are now nearly three and five years old, but are still in a nursery-style bedroom. They are very much boys' boys; they love superheroes and both need to move up to a bigger bed. We are looking at getting them bunk beds to give them more room to play as I want to change their playroom into a home office."

Joanna Thornhill's recommendations:

1. I'm informed by my partner (who is 35 going on 3!) that next year, the new Captain America: Civil War film is coming out, where Captain America goes head to head with Iron Man. Perhaps their two signature colours - crimson red and dark blue - could therefore inform the basis of the scheme, with grey acting as a balancing tone throughout?!

You could paint two opposite walls in these colours, with the other two in a light grey tone, and also have a little fun with the window treatments. You could do this by replacing the blinds in each window with one red and one blue, but opting for the same style of curtains for both windows (a simple stripe, perhaps) to keep things relatively united.

2. Captain America's star motif, as seen on his chest plate and shield, could be introduced into the space - perhaps as stickers on the plain white furniture, as a pattern on bedlinen (see Great Little Trading Co ) or even by repurposing the little stars already on the walls. An oversized star motif rug on the floor would look great too - check out this one from Rockett St George.

3. The bed on the left hand side of the room seems the more obvious spot for the bunk bed - try looking for a design in a metallic grey, as a little nod to Tony Stark's workshop.

4. You could also replace the ceiling light with something closer to a porthole-type design, to look a little like Iron Man's 'reactor' chest light? A couple of bean bags, again in red and blue, would give them each somewhere to sit, as well as mirror the curves and circles within Tony's home in Stark Tower.

5. Try involving your sons in the process, getting them to come up with their own ideas and explaining the relevance of each element to them, so hopefully they feel a sense of pride in the space once it's complete (and hopefully to encourage them to keep it tidy!) Good luck!


Vicki, from, says:

"I’d like to make over our bedroom. Both our old bedrooms in our previous houses have been large rooms with dark feature walls, but this room is the complete opposite. I want to keep it light and airy, but I've only got as far as painting the walls cream. It could do with a few extra touches to make it a grown-up, relaxed space."

Joanna Thornhill's recommendations:

1. You're right, this doesn't look like a big space, but small bedrooms can have a wonderfully cosy feel and the space doesn't look too cluttered, so perhaps you could try to introduce something of a boutique hotel feel in here. I think the area of wall behind your bedhead could do with something to add interest to it, creating a focal point - a subtle wallpaper design in a light colourway would do the trick, and in such a small spot you could probably get away with only one or two rolls.

2. It looks like you have limited bedside space, so hanging lights suspended from the ceiling, rather than table lamps, could work well here, as well as have a luxurious feel. Getting two ceiling roses installed is an easy enough job for an electrician, then you could hang two vintage flexes down either side, suspending them above your bedsides - look at Dyke & Dean for an array of fixings to allow you to create this look.

3. The wooden blinds you have at the window look a little heavy in this small room - perhaps replacing them with a sheer roller blind would offer privacy whilst still keeping the room nice and light.

4. Pair this with more luxurious curtains in a thick, textural fabric, allowing them to pool onto the floor for a decadent look.


Colette, from, says:

"After years of sharing our bedroom with babies or using it as storage whilst the rest of the house was worked on, it's about time we got our space back. We're saving for a new, bigger bed (having already received gorgeous navy bedding as a wedding present over three years ago - it's still in the packaging) and we are making plans to redecorate at the same time!"

Joanna Thornhill's recommendations:

1. If you slightly reorganised your clothes and other bits and bobs, you might actually be able to do away with the smaller two-drawer unit on the wall opposite your main furniture. You actually have some dead space above your wardrobes so if you invested in some pretty storage boxes, or even shopped around for some nice vintage trunks or suitcases, you could place these up there and use them as a space to store occasional items such as spare towels or bedding.

2. It looks like your current bed doesn't have any storage beneath it so look for one with built-in drawers, or space to place storage boxes underneath it, when you select the new one you plan to buy. Hopefully these two measures will help eliminate the need for this chest, which would then allow you to free up that alcove to fit in the dressing table you desire.

3. If space permits, perhaps you could move your tall freestanding mirror to the wall immediately on the left as you walk in the room (the wall where the light switch is). To add interest, I'd look to go for a different style of dresser to your other furniture - perhaps a pretty vintage table would add a nice contrast. You could even seek out an old bureau unit, often these have great in-built compartments, which are brilliant for storing make-up. If you find one with a lid, you have the bonus of being able to close the clutter away when not in use. Top with a freestanding mirror and it's as good as a purpose-built dresser.

4. Between the furniture, carpets and walls, there's certainly a lot of brown tones in the room, so I'd opt for a bright flash of contrasting colour when replacing your curtains - perhaps you could pick out a tone from your new bedlinen. A fresh blue might make a good opposing colour. A large artwork or blown-up photographic print - perhaps some sort of landscape - would complement any blue window treatments as well as help freshen up the overall feel of the room.


Toni, from, says:

"We still share a bedroom with our almost three-year-old autistic toddler. We'd love to make over the bedroom as we're currently saving for a loft conversion for our teenager, so that both boys have their own room."

Joanna Thornhill's recommendations:

1. Your storage divider is a clever way to zone the room whilst adding storage at the same time, though there are a few ways you could make your toddler's area feel like more of a colourful, cosy den without turning your whole room into a child's space, or spending too much money. Try jazzing up your divider unit on their side by painting each square a different bright colour (or sticking colourful giftwrap or wrapping paper offcuts over them, and securing with double sided tape so you can remove them at a later date).

2. Likewise, you could fix some colourful fabrics over the storage baskets on the bottom half, using leftovers or scouring charity shops for inexpensive, colourful prints. This would add a really colourful burst to their side without costing much money, and allow your view to remain neutral.

3. The walls are quite bare - look out for a wall sticker set but keep everything no higher than the divider unit, to give a more intimate feel to his side. Or you could get a little crafty by sticking some train track design, removable tape to the walls in his area and encouraging him to help make his own train cut-outs to stick to this with blu tac. Find the tape at Not on the High street. A little rag rug along the side of his bed will add extra colour and help define the space, as well as feeling warm and cosy underfoot.


Jane, from, says:

"My son's bedroom is desperate! We painted it white back in 2011 and it hasn't changed since. At the moment, there's no colour, no theme and toys everywhere. He is nearly five now and it needs changing from a scruffy nursery to a proper boy's bedroom - but I don't know where to start."

Joanna Thornhill's recommendations:

1. You could add brighter tones in any accessories or wall art in tones of turquoise and green, using red in small doses as an accent. Industrial style is a big trend right now, which your son might like, so perhaps you could bring in touches of this by adding a cage-style light or a grey textured rug, and updating furniture handles with vintage metal-style pulls.

2. Storage looks like it's an issue - could you opt for a bigger bookcase and switch its position with the chest of draws? The tall mirror could then move to the side of the wardrobes if the space becomes tight for it in its current spot. Invest in some storage baskets for the bottom shelves for toys, with space above for books.

3. His bed sits quite neatly into that alcove but as you say he could do with a full-size single - why not look out for a daybed with hidden storage (or a spare trundle bed for sleepovers) underneath? This would fit the space well and allow his bedroom to double up as a living room all of his own. Opt for some plain bedding (denim, maybe) then dress with fun cushions along the back.


Jacinta, from, says:

"This is the bedroom that I need some help with - I would love to bring some light into the space."

Joanna Thornhill's recommendations:

1. You mention your priority is to bring light into the space, and there are plenty of clever tricks you can try, but the deep blue tone in both your bedding and carpet can really suck up the light, which might be where you're having problems. The easiest fix would be to switch out this dark bedding for something more neutral - you could always keep touches of this colour, such as just the pillowcases, and introduce a throw or extra cushions with touches of blue within them. A silk or satin duvet cover would have a lovely light sheen to it - take a look at Gingerlily's range.

2. Ultimately, replacing the flooring for something lighter would make a real difference - perhaps a light laminate with a sheen to help bounce some light back into the room, or even a pale carpet with a longer pile, which should also have a bit of a sheen and enable you to bounce the light around somewhat. If replacing the flooring isn't an option, however, perhaps a couple of sheepskin rugs would go some way towards creating the same effect.

3. There are various wall paint products out there which contain light reflecting particles, such as Dulux's Light & Space range - perhaps you could try a subtly contrasting colour on the wall behind your bed if you didn't want to repaint the whole room? Opting for a window treatment that doesn't obscure any of your glass would help, too - there is a fair amount of wall space between the top of your window and ceiling, so perhaps a Roman blind fitted here, which stops just at the top of the window when fully open, would prevent any precious light from being obscured.

4. Finally, you could introduce some mirrors into the room to also help bounce the light around the room - it's a well-known trick but it really does work, particularly if you have space to place one opposite the window.


Helen, from, says:

"I would love a new bedroom where I can relax and sleep well. This is one of the last rooms in the house that we are yet to make homely."

Joanna Thornhill's recommendations:

1. The built-in cupboards on the wall opposite your bedhead are quite dominating - I'd be tempted to try and blend these into the space a little more. Could you remove the architrave that trims each door and lose the handles, installing a magnetic door catch in its place to allow the cupboards to effectively disappear? Painting them the same colour as your walls will aid this transformation and offer a cleaner view as you doze off at night.

2. Your furniture looks smart and your look seems well put together, but breaking away slightly from your earthy colour palette would add a little more interest and make the space feel more homely. Introducing some blues and greens would help take things up a notch, whilst still remaining harmonious and tranquil.

3. Adding a few more artworks to your bedhead wall would create a more cosy feel, too - stick to uneven numbers and group them relatively closely, to stop them feeling disparate.


Lindsay, from, says:

"This is my bedroom; it's horrendous, as the walls have been stripped ready to get decorated and it has become a bit of a dumping ground. It also has a cot in as my baby is still in our bedroom."

Joanna Thornhill's recommendations:

1. You mention you are hoping to move in the not-too-distant future and that you like monochrome with splashes of colour, so perhaps, all things considered, a crisp white might be the best thing for your walls here to give you (and your future buyers) a blank canvas.

2. I can't see your floors but opting for a large monochrome rug would bring freshness here too - IKEA is always a great bet for inexpensive rugs, and that's something you can take with you to your next home, too.

3. As your window treatment needs attention anyway, perhaps this would be a great spot to add a splash of colour by choosing a bold fabric pattern or design for curtains or Roman blinds. Then you could bring this colour through as an accent within both yours and your baby's bedding, along with any artworks on the walls.

4. Your bed looks like it takes up a lot of floor space - could you switch things around slightly so your bedhead goes against the wall where your cot currently is, then move the cot to the opposite wall? Make the most of furniture tops and under the bed itself for any extra storage opportunities. Finally, your headboard has a slat missing - rather than replace the headboard entirely, as a quick fix, try draping a chunky wool throw over the top to hide it and add a little softness to the space, too.


Liska, from, says:

"This bedroom has a gorgeous bunk bed, but it really needs some storage and pictures mounted."

Joanna Thornhill's recommendations:

1. The room is looking great already - as you say, it just needs finishing off and a bit of extra storage adding. Depending on how much storage you need, you could opt for just one large full-height wardrobe or cupboard/shelving unit, to go against this back wall. If you went for a fully open shelving unit, invest in some wicker baskets for the bottom shelves to keep toys organised yet looking great.

2. It looks like a reasonable space so you could possibly also fit a blanket box at the end of the bunk bed - this would be a great spot to chuck other toys into, and you could also top it with a cushion pad to provide your son with a little spot to sit in.

3. Opting for plain white furniture would tie in nicely with the white sections of your bunk bed and keep the room looking smart, allowing you to have a little fun with your seat pad choice.


Nell, from, says:

"My three-year-old daughter's bedroom needs a makeover. She's grown out of the baby stage and has become a real little bookworm. So her bedroom is a cluttery mess of baby toys she's outgrown, her big girl toys, and heaps of books."

Joanna Thornhill's recommendations:

1. You already have a shelf in the alcove above your chest of drawers - squeezing in a few more should help scoop up the remainder of these books whilst utilising this otherwise wasted space.

2. Your vintage chest in front of the chimney breast is lovely so it'd be great to keep this clear and really show it off (not to mention make it easier to access items stored within it).

3. It looks like there is another little chair at the end of the bed; perhaps you could look to lose this and add a fitted seat pad to the top of your chest, providing a cosy spot for your little girl to sit and read on. Foam is easy to cut and cheap, too - most large markets should have some, then you can cover it in a pretty print. That would presumably free up a little more space at the end of the bed where you could look to add more shelves or storage baskets. Your feature wall is cute, though if you feel it's looking a little young for your growing daughter, perhaps you could try something a little different in the space such as painting two different colours on the wall above and below an imaginary dado rail, finishing the edge off in a neat line, then painting the lower portion in chalkboard paint. Chalk pens, rather than sticks, will allow your daughter to explore her creative side without making a mess!


Jane, from, says:

"We've lived in this house for ten years and our nine-year-old son hasn't had his room decorated yet. Yes that fetching yellow was already on the walls when we moved in. The boy has recently become a serious football fan (Chelsea) and is desperate for us to trade in the babyish Ben Ten light shade and white painted nursery furniture - perhaps for a new blue and white scheme."

Joanna Thornhill's recommendations:

1. The new furniture and bedlinen certainly seems like a good start, and something you can build on. A smart new colour scheme will help with that: opt for a smart, pale blue/grey scheme which will offer a perfect foil for both Chelsea blue paraphernalia and your new bedding.

2. The curtains could certainly do with replacing - your son might like a slick roller blind for a contemporary alternative, perhaps in a flash of bright red for contrast.

3. Extra storage is always welcome - H&M Home have some brilliant sports-themed storage for children's rooms which is definitely cool and not kiddie - their metal storage boxes and 'basketball' hanger with hooks would work particularly well here. You could even take this look a step further by customising some old skateboards (or even surfboards) to become quirky, characterful shelves - simply suspend some on brackets and add books, trophies or favourite toys.

4. You mention your son likes colour and patterns - perhaps some statement wall stickers would pique his interest? Icon Wall Stickers have a great range, including an entire sports section containing some real statement designs. As for that lampshade, try something with a rustic yet adult flavour. Tesco Direct's fisherman's pendant light is an affordable, metal option.


Sally, from, says:

"This bedroom is currently a horrible baby-blue colour and the ceilings are all discoloured. We don't even have a light shade! It's definitely in need of some TLC."

Joanna Thornhill's recommendations:

1. Your style seems quite contemporary, with your silver curtain pole and bed and your grey curtains, and it looks like you have a decent amount of storage thanks to your fitted shelving. In a way, I think blue does work in here, but would be better in a slightly more sophisticated tone to tie in with the greys and silvers: I'd opt for more of a French grey or duck egg-type colour on the main walls and even the ceiling, then perhaps go bold with a stunning inky navy across the bedhead wall.

2. I'd then bring in touches of teal into accessories, such as artworks above the bed or a throw for the bed itself, to tie it all together and contrast beautifully with the silver. Bedlinen with a woven sheen to it would also add to the sophistication.

3. The room looks quite big so could potentially take an interesting light fitting, like a glass shade - check out MADE.COM for a wide yet affordable collection of contemporary designs.


Rebecca, from, says:

"I'd like to make over my bedroom - I recently moved into the house and it's very bare. It doesn't have much personality and I think bedrooms should be cosy and warm, however mine feels cold and plain."

Joanna Thornhill's recommendations:

1. A single large item, such as a mirror, above the bed, would help the space feel less stark without clashing with your wallpaper. Bringing in something vintage here, such as a bevelled glass mirror or even a reclaimed mirror made from an old window frame (see would add that all-important character.

2. Your bedside lamps are very small; something bolder and a little bit unexpected, such as a vintage-look, anglepoise-style lamp, would look striking and offer practical light for reading. Add just a couple of mismatched accessories either side such as a vase or picture frame to make it feel less sparse yet still uncluttered.

3. With winter approaching, dressing the bed would be an inexpensive way to add warmth as well as visual interest. Use your neutral bedding as a blank canvas on which you can layer cushions and a chunky knit throw, again opting for complementary yet mismatched items to bring in a sense of interest. I can't see what furniture you already have on the other side of your room, but by bringing in something made from warm wood - either vintage or a new piece from reclaimed timbers - will visually warm the space, too.


Michelle, from, says:

"My bedroom is the only one that wasn't decorated when we bought the house last year. I already had the pink curtains and bedspread and seeing as the walls were already pink we decided to concentrate on all the other rooms first and do mine last. But it never got done."

Joanna Thornhill's recommendations:

1. Netting around beds can create a dreamy, romantic look, but in a small bedroom it can feel a little full-on. I'm not sure if you still have these up, but concentrating them in one spot to create a bed pelmet would allow you to retain this sumptuous feel without feeling like it's taking over the space, as well as making more of a focal point of the bed.

2. I feel like you could potentially have a little fun here with your wardrobe doors - I'd pick out a colour palette for the whole room, then you could potentially paint each door in a patchwork of colours to create a real point of interest. To stop it looking too busy, stick with colours from the same palette and simply alter the tone, or go for harmonising colours (those which sit either side of your chosen main colour on the colour wheel). Perhaps moving away from pink towards a more mauve palette would feel more sophisticated yet still retain a feminine feel. You could opt for a relatively pale tone on your walls then play around with the spectrum, bringing in light greys down to much darker, almost mocha hues, also bringing in the odd splash of warm fuchsia pink to break things up a bit. If in doubt, visit a paint mixing store with a Dulux Mixlab machine and pick colours of different intensities from the same colour card, to ensure they all work together tonally. Your wardrobes look like they might be melamine, so you'd need to coat them with some 'difficult surfaces' primer first before adding your main colour (go for an eggshell rather than a gloss finish, for a more contemporary look).

3. Your television is quite prominent on the wall across from your bed. To lessen its impact, try creating a gallery wall full of framed artworks of various different sizes, filling the whole wall all around it, to help blend it in. Keep costs down by framing inexpensive materials, such as pretty decorative wallpaper scraps, or try sites like for inexpensive work from new artists.


Claire, from, says:

"The main issue in my bedroom is storage for my clothes and large shoes! As you can see, my canvas wardrobe just doesn't cut it and it looks awful. I love this purple and white so wouldn't want an alternative colour scheme."

Joanna Thornhill's recommendations:

Storage certainly seems to be your main issue here, but I think there are some areas of the room you are under-utilising, so if you have a modest budget for more furniture I think you could totally transform the space from clutter-fest to sleek and modern space.

1. Your canvas wardrobe clearly isn't cutting the mustard but you have a good amount of space here to add in some serious storage - I'd suggest looking into a large fitted unit which would fill the space from top to bottom and side to side (or as close as you can get it). Fitted wardrobes can be costly but see if IKEA's Pax system might work within your space (and budget). A crisp white finish would perfectly match your existing colour scheme, and investing in any extras such as integrated shoe storage would certainly help keep your footwear collection under control!

2. Likewise, the area to the right of your bed could be better kitted out. Again, some clean white units along here would really help keep all your books and other bits organised.

3. Lose the shelf with your hifi on it and place this on top of one of the new units, to allow you to carry on the storage into this space.

4. If you have any space under the bed, fit this out too with some low storage boxes or bags. Finally, you could try replacing your bedside units with small chests of drawers instead, to provide extra storage here whilst retaining a useful spot by the bed for books and drinks. If you have no other use for your existing furniture, selling on eBay or Gumtree could even help with funds towards the new pieces!


Emily, from, says:

"I'd like to create a nice bedroom that my husband and I can relax in after work. At the moment, the paintwork is uneven and patchy. There are nails in the walls from where the previous occupants hung their pictures. It'd be nice to give it some colour."

Joanna Thornhill's recommendations:

1. To aid the relaxing feel, a duck-egg blue or French grey on the walls would smarten things up yet provide a neutral enough backdrop for any artworks. You have an odd alcove above your bed and no real focal point so why not consider going all-out glam with an oversized padded headboard? The Headboard Workshop offers a range of designs and it would create a cosy centrepiece in the room. Add on some pretty satin cushions and a throw in a tactile yet luxurious fabric, like velvet, to create a real cosy retreat.

2. Finish things off with some fluffy flokati or sheepskin rugs on the floor for the ultimate relaxing retreat.


Emily, from, says:

“The room I'd like to make over is my boys’ bedroom; it's small and a huge mess! The boys would love something with a bit more colour and personality; they're five and eleven years old. I need to swap the furniture around and make a bit of space in the corner by the window for my eldest to study now he's off to high school.”

Joanna Thornhill's recommendations:

1. There's a bit of an age gap between the boys so it must be difficult finding designs to please them both! To start things off, I suggest opting for different bedlinen sets which complement each other, without being exactly the same. Perhaps one child could have a striped design and the other, stars, but in the same (or complementary) colourways. Great Little Trading Co has some fab star bedding in both blue and grey, which would look great and add a fun feel without being too kiddie. You could then bring one of these colours through into a window treatment - a roller blind would look smart for a boy's room, and opting for a blackout finish or lining might help encourage any lie-ins, too!

2. The slim shelf under your window looks like it's fairly redundant - I'd lose that, then you'd have space to turn the whole alcove next to the window into a floor-to-ceiling storage/desk space by adding fitted shelves. You could position one at desk height to provide your older son with his study space, then add extra shelving above, going almost up to the ceiling, making the most of the whole space.

3. I'd keep the bed where it is, but there's room for some larger furniture where their chests of drawers are. If you incorporate the desk area into the alcove as discussed, your wooden chair could go there, allowing you to include storage which goes almost to the door. Perhaps a couple of identical units butted up next to each other with cupboards below and open shelving above - so each child could have one to themselves - would allow toys or clothes to be hidden away at the bottom with books and games remaining accessible. You could even look into some sort of corner unit to maximise the space (try IKEA).

4. You could encourage each son to keep their posters to the area by their own bunk, to help them feel like they have their own personal spaces to decorate as they choose, then perhaps a cool wall mural would finish off the space on the chimney breast. Visit for a selection and you may even be able to find something which can be personalised to incorporate both their names, to help them feel a sense of ownership.


Charl, from, says:

“This is my spare bedroom at the moment. I suppose it’s more of a hybrid room – in between a spare room, walk-in wardrobe and dumping ground!”

Joanna Thornhill's recommendations:

1. You have bedside tables in your alcoves but as this is only a spare room, you could afford to lose these and install some storage which completely fills the alcoves, be it wardrobes for excess clothes or bookcases/built-in shelves. You could then invest in a couple of small fold-up tables or stools to act as temporary bedside tables when you do have guests to stay.

2. Your desk looks like a lovely vintage piece and a handy spot to house a home office, but going by your living room style, perhaps a fresh lick of white or cream paint would make it more in-keeping with your style? You could then opt for simple white furniture in the alcoves too, creating a blank canvas to add in pink and white soft furnishings, rugs and artwork, to finish off the space.