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Animated man working at his desk while sunlight emanates through the blinds

Boost your productivity levels with specialist blinds from Hillarys

Samantha Gibson by Samantha Gibson

As the days get shorter and winter draws near, we might begin to notice a drop in our productivity and motivation levels compared to the longer, lighter summer days.

This is particularly true for those who may not work a regular 9-5, like students, freelancers or those that work from home, who may instead work until late in the evening.

Animated man asleep at desk whilst working on computer, room is dark because the blinds are shut

In fact, research shows that lighting can have a significant impact on concentration and productivity, with studies suggesting that light levels may be linked to our circadian rhythm, or ‘body clock’.

With this in mind, in-home experts at Hillarys have been researching the possibility of creating daylight blinds, which would simulate natural light even when it’s dark outside.

Animated man working at his desk while sunlight emanates through the blinds

The idea is that this would help improve energy levels and therefore productivity. Recent research has shown that workers in well-lit environments experience less daytime sleepiness, and those that are exposed to daylight report an 18% increase in productivity.

The blinds would work by having a thin layer of LEDs between the blind fabric and the lining. When switched on, the blind would light up the room with a ‘daylight’ glow – artificial light that closely emulates the colour and brightness of normal daylight.

Anatomy of the daylight blinds. The layers are: Fabric, LEDs, Lining.

This could help those working or studying during the dark winter evenings, allowing them to reap some of the benefits of exposure to higher light levels.

Tara Hall, spokesperson for Hillarys said: “A lot of people notice a real drop in their energy levels during the colder, darker months. These blinds are a great idea for anyone working from home who might struggle to remain productive.”