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Discover hundreds of gorgeous and affordable fabrics, and order samples online. We’ll still bring our full range to your appointment for you to browse.

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  • Acacia Amberglow
    Acacia Amberglow
  • Acacia Black fabric swatch from the 2019 Vertical blinds launch
    Acacia Black
  • light blue swatch colour of acacia blue
    Acacia Blue
  • yellow coloured swatch of acacia buttercup
    Acacia Buttercup
  • bright yellow colour of acacia canary
    Acacia Canary
  • bright yellow swatch of acacia chartreuse
    Acacia Chartreuse
  • Rich green coloured swatch of acacia forest
    Acacia Forest
  • dark grey of acacia gunmetal
    Acacia Gunmetal
  • Acacia Ice fabric swatch from the 2019 Vertical blinds launch
    Acacia Ice
  • Soft white colour for acacia ivory swatch
    Acacia Ivory
  • light grey coloured swatch of acacia light grey
    Acacia Light Grey
  • deep pink colour swatch of acacia raspberry
    Acacia Raspberry

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