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Carpets Of The Future

Should Alert Homeowners To Intruders

Samantha Gibson by Samantha Gibson

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but with all the buzz around connected devices, there’s no denying that the smart home is here to stay. Even the humble carpet has attracted the attention of tech specialists who have identified the potential for transforming our flooring into a hi-tech security system.

With the help of hundreds of tiny sensors hidden in the underlay, your carpet could become your first line of defence, capable of detecting subtle changes in pressure, and alerting you to any unusual activity via your smartphone

Unsuspecting burglars could be stopped in their tracks following an alert from your berber, which could be set up to detect any pressure greater than the family dog.


Why choose sensors for home security?

The concept of a crime-busting carpet is possible thanks largely to developments in the mobile phone industry where the demand for compact mobile devices has resulted in sensors becoming one of the smallest and most cost-effective electronic components available.


These tiny computers are capable of transforming inanimate objects into intelligent organisms that you can interact with on a daily basis. Carpets are of interest to the security market due to their layered construction which allows the sensors to be easily concealed where they won’t interfere with the appearance or performance of your carpet.

How sensory carpets can protect vulnerable individuals

As well as home security, the sensory carpet will be a useful tool in the healthcare services, alerting staff to patients that have fallen out of bed or for disoriented patients who may be wandering the building unsupervised.

Worried parents of sleepwalking teens could also rest easy, knowing that their smart carpet is alert to any irregular night time activity.

Science fiction just got real. And one day your carpet might just save your life.