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All about underlay

Most people buy carpet and underlay together, so it helps to know a little about the qualities and variations in underlay, so that you can make an informed decision. In our quick guide, we talk you through the benefits of underlay, and tell you a little more about the types of underlay we offer.

Why a quality underlay is important

A quality underlay is the secret to making a carpet feel, look and age better. It adds an important cushioning layer which makes your carpet feel soft and comfortable underfoot. Without it, every step you take or bit of furniture you put on your carpet will press the fibres straight into the hard floor, causing them to flatten. Think of your underlay as an extra layer of cosiness. It helps to keep warm air in your rooms and can stop draughts coming through the floorboards. With better insulation, you can turn your thermostat down and spend less on heating.

All our underlay is made from PU foam

All of our underlay is manufactured using a lightweight spongy foam to give your carpet lots of spring. We prefer this material to traditional rubber underlay as it is less likely to break down over time, giving you an excellent layer of protection between your carpet and floor.

Our underlay is available in different weights and thicknesses

We have two types of underlay for you to choose from, depending on where and how you’ll use your carpet within the home. Our standard foam is available in three thicknesses, and our high density foam is available in two thicknesses. For high traffic areas such as halls, living rooms and stairs we recommend our high density foam, as it absorbs impact and helps avoid pressure marks appearing on those areas where you tread most regularly. Your sales advisor can help you decide on the correct thickness for your particular needs.

We have specialist underlay suitable for underfloor heating

Lots of our customers ask for underlay that can be used with underfloor heating systems, and our specialist, heavyweight sponge rubber underlay is the perfect solution. It has a special construction that allows heat to effectively pass through, allowing you to experience all the benefits of your underfloor heating system. When you have underfloor heating, you need to carefully manage the thickness, or tog value of your floorcoverings to make sure that your heating system works effectively. Your sales advisor can help you choose the correct thickness for your carpet and underlay so that the combined tog value is safe for use with your particular underfloor heating system.

Choosing the right underlay

So, whether you want that walking-on-air feeling or a hardworking underlay, you can get all the help you need to make the right decision. Just book your free, in-home appointment with Hillarys.

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