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Carpet buying guide

The perfect carpet is the one best suited to you and the needs of your home. But how can you tell which design is right?

You can book a free, in-home appointment with Hillarys and have a specialist talk you through the different carpet types while you match styles from the range with your décor. And you can find invaluable information and tips in this carpet buying guide.

A few carpet-buying essentials

Different carpets suit the demands of different rooms. You should always consider footfall, pets, children, and how a room is used.

Matching a carpet to a colour scheme. Ideally, you will hold samples up to the walls and furnishings to see how the combination works. Just like you can during an in-home appointment with Hillarys.
Longevity. How long do you need your carpet to last? Some carpets are more durable than others, while some are stain resistant and some help hide dirt.
What do you want to spend? As with everything, budget can influence choice. An expert from Hillarys will show you carpets in your price range.

A carpet is only as good as its fitters. So we only use fitters with National Institute of Carpet and Floorlayers accreditation.  

What is carpet pile?

Pile is another name for the fibres in a carpet. Pile is woven in and out of the carpet backing, creating a series of loops. These are then cut (as in twist pile carpets) or left (as in loop pile carpets).

Deep pile carpets are thick and luxurious. Short pile carpets tend to stand up better in high-traffic areas and are easier to clean.

Which carpet design for which room?

Saxony carpets and semi-Saxony carpets are deep-pile designs. Thicker and richer than other styles, these carpets are ideal for bedrooms and lounges, but can be good for any room.
Twist carpets have a tufted look and are the most common and the most hardwearing. The fibres are tightly twisted and cut, creating a carpet that keeps bouncing back and is great for high-traffic areas.
Berber carpets are a loop pile with a lightly flecked colouring and a textured feel. Excellent at hiding marks, pick Berber carpets for children’s bedrooms, dining rooms and lounges. If you have pets, their claws can snag on the loops and unravel the pile.
Loop carpets are made from yarn that’s looped. Small loops are incredibly durable and won’t flatten, while all loop piles give a carpet a texture, a feel, a look, and a design. A pet’s claws could snag on the carpet, unravelling the pile. A loop carpet can go in any room.

Why carpet weight is your most important decision 

The most important feature of your new carpet is its weight. But why? And what do we mean by the weight?

Our carpets start at 12oz and go up to 60oz. Some of our carpets come in one weight and some come in four.
Thinking about 12oz and 24oz carpets, the latter is a lot thicker and has a lot more material. Twice as much, to be precise.

The higher the weight of the carpet the more material goes into it. The more material, the better a carpet looks and feels and the longer it lasts. Higher weight carpets are better quality carpets. Wool or synthetic or blended?

Wool carpets are the luxury choice – they feel incredibly soft and springy. Wool is also durable and won’t flatten thanks to its natural elasticity. Wool benefits from a scaly surface that holds dirt high in the pile, making it easy to vacuum. Stains can be easily cleaned using a solution of water and mild detergent. And of course, wool is natural.

Synthetic carpets, like our polypropylene designs, are stain resistant. Spills actually roll off the fibres, making for easy cleaning.   

Blended carpets use a mix of wool and synthetic, normally 80/20. This gives you all the benefits of both materials.

Our in-home service a better way to buy your new carpet


Our carpets specialist will visit your home at a time to suit you.


Browse our wide range of carpets and vinyl flooring at home and benefit from a specialist’s advice.  


Your new carpet will be professionally fitted and look fantastic.

How Hillarys can help you