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How to choose your perfect stair carpet

Your stair carpet works harder than any other flooring in your home. The reason? You always step in the same place every time you go up and down your stairs.

So a stair carpet has to be tough – it also needs to look good. Here’s how to choose the perfect style for you.

What is the best type of stair carpet?

Twists are seriously hardwearing and make excellent stair carpets.The fibres are tightly twisted together and then cut, which creates a finish that bounces back when stepped on.

You can choose twists in either wool or polypropylene for your stair carpet.

Wool twists feel soft but have a natural springiness that helps prevent the kind of flattening you’d expect from a stair carpet. You can easily clean wool twists with a solution of water and mild detergent.

Polypropylene twists are extremely durable and are stain resistant – you can dab up spills and even use bleach to clean tough marks. It’s this quality that makes a polypropylene twist a great stair carpet.   

If twists aren’t your thing, you can choose loop piles for your stair carpet. These designs use a yarn that’s woven into a series of loops. Wool loopsare incredibly tough, and a tightly bound design will keep its brand new look for ages.

Which colour stair carpet should you choose?

You can choose any colour for your stair carpet, but speckled, mottled and flecked designs will help hide any marks.

Striped stair carpets are extremely popular and will have a real wow effect when your friends and family visit.

Picking the right underlay

Your underlay is every bit as important as your stair carpet and you should always change them both at the same time.

Choosing the right underlay cushions your stair carpet and stops the fibres being squashed against the hard floor, causing premature wear and tear.  

Our exclusive 9mm high-density polyurethane foam underlay is the very best option for the stairs.

Are you looking for a new stair carpet? You can browse our collection online. And you can book an in-home appointment with specialist here.

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Choose the perfect underlay and your carpet will feel, look and age better. Find out how to make the right choice for your home.

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