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Bedroom-Henley Niue-carpet

Bedroom carpet buying guide

Ciaran McGuire by Ciaran McGuire

It’s 6.50am. Your alarm jolts you into life and you jump out of bed in a mild panic. But the moment your bare feet sink into the soft, cosy bedroom carpet … your work and your worries seem a world away.

That’s what the perfect bedroom carpet can do for your day – transform it in seconds. So you need to make sure the next bedroom carpet you choose is up to the job. A good place to start is with this bedroom carpet buying guide.

Bedroom-Design Pearl-carpet

What’s special about bedroom carpets?
Bedrooms tend to be low traffic areas – they receive little footfall when compared to pretty much every other room in the home. So bedroom carpets suffer the least amount of wear and that means you can choose from a wider range of options.

Obviously, you can still choose a shorter pile length or a hardwearing design. But the bedroom is the perfect place for something more luxurious, like a Saxony carpet.

Saxony carpets feature a dense, longer pile with a plush finish. They are very soft and just the kind of thing your toes will appreciate on a winter morning.

Bedroom-Montrose Azure-carpet

Which colours are good for bedroom carpets?
Normally, choosing a brown or grey or flecked carpet is recommended for high-traffic areas. But because the bedroom is lightly walked on and food or drink spills are less likely to happen then you can have some fun and go for a more interesting colour. Maybe a blue, a green, a red or a purple carpet that matches or contrasts with your walls?

Childrens room-Vintage Ivory-carpet

How about choosing a carpet for a child’s bedroom?
Different rules apply for children’s bedrooms. That’s because children tend to play on bedroom floors and to eat and drink and spill things on their carpets. With this in mind, you’ll want a bedroom carpet that’s durable and stain resistant.  

A polypropylene carpet is your best bet. This is a hardwearing material that’s also stain resistant. Some polypropylene carpets can even be cleaned with a part-bleach solution, but always check first.

Going for a twist pile is also a good idea, as it removes the risk of a child’s toy snagging on a loop pile and ruining the look of the carpet.