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Choosing a carpet with pets in the home

Helen Moore by Helen Moore

If you share your home with pets, it’s helpful to choose a carpet that will stand up to the daily rigours of muddy paws and sharp claws. Here are a few considerations to help you arrive at the right choice:

  • Pets bring dirt into the home on their paws, which can work its way into your carpets. So for easy cleaning and maintenance, go for a low-pile option like a Twist carpet.
  • Polypropylene carpets are stain-resistant and bleach-cleanable, making them a great choice for any home with pets.
  • Avoid a looped style carpet like a Berber carpet if you have pets living in your home, as their claws can pull or snag the pile.
  • Pets often shed their hair and this will inevitably land on your carpet. So picking a colour that disguises the pet hair is a clever way to minimise the problem.


Five steps to a well-maintained carpet

Once you have picked the right type of carpet to best accommodate your pet, there are some simple ways to prolong your carpet’s lifespan. Here are a few of our top tips:

  • Groom your pet regularly to get rid of surplus hair, which can become engrained into your carpet.
  • Clean your pet’s paws after a walk so they don’t trample dirt throughout your home.
  • Clip your pet’s claws regularly to avoid them snagging your carpet.
  • Use runners or matting at the entrance to your home to pick up any surplus dirt.
  • And of course, vacuum your new carpet regularly to keep it looking its very best.