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How to care for vinyl flooring

Helen Moore by Helen Moore

Vinyl flooring is super-easy to look after, which is all part of its appeal. A firm favourite for rooms where spillages may occur, such as bathrooms and kitchens, you can wipe up most marks in seconds.

Cleaning your vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is very low maintenance compared to some other floor coverings. When it comes to cleaning, the golden rule for vinyl is ‘less is more’. Here’s some handy tips to help keep yours looking its best.

  • Sweep your vinyl flooring regularly with a soft brush or dry mop to get rid of dirt and grit which could scratch the surface.
  • Where possible, try to clean your floor with water. Start by trying a slightly damp mop, using warm water rather than hot. Take care not to drench your floor as water can seep into the adhesive that holds the vinyl in place.
  • Persistent stains may need the help of a cleaning solution. In these circumstances a mild detergent is the way forward.  Use a gentle, non-abrasive solution with a soft cloth to buff away the stain. There are plenty of cleaners that are designed specifically for vinyl flooring, so pick one that’s right for yours.