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How to get candle wax out of carpet

Ciaran McGuire by Ciaran McGuire

Sometimes, accidents happen. So if you’re suffering with an unsightly spill of candle wax on your carpet, fret not. With our simple guide, you’ll find removing the wax simple and easy, and your carpet will look much better. Acting quickly before the wax has had chance to soak in will give you the best chance at removing the stain completely.


Before attempting any kind of cleaning, you should consult your carpet care guide. Different materials and carpet types react in different ways so it’s important to check the following methods are appropriate and won’t damage your flooring.

The ice method
First, begin with the ice method. You’ll need a frozen ice pack for this, or ice cubes securely sealed in a thick zip seal bag. Place the ice on the area and wait until the wax is fully frozen. Removing the ice from the stain, take a butter knife and carefully scrape away as much wax a possible. Vacuum any excess to ensure this wax isn’t further walked into the carpet.

If the stain is very minor, you might find this is enough to remove the wax. If so, skip the iron method below. But for larger, more stubborn stains, tackling the area in two ways is the best plan of attack.

The iron method
Once you’ve removed as much of the wax as possible, heat up your iron to the warm setting and ensure the steam is turned off. Get a sheet of brown paper folded over or a brown paper bag and place over the stain. Carefully iron over the area being careful not to burn the paper, and when it becomes saturated, use a new part of the paper. Repeat until entirely removed.


Top tip – be very careful you aren’t spreading the wax to clean parts of the carpet. An old towel can help to shield other areas.

Clean and plump
By now, all of your wax should have been removed. If you’re still struggling, repeat the above methods. Finally, use a carpet cleaner according to the instructions with a clean, lint-free cloth.


Referring to the care instructions of your carpet is essential here too, particularly in the case of wool carpets, as harsher detergents are often unsuitable. If the wax is coloured, you might find this step takes a little while.

Finally, vacuum the area with the upholstery attachment. That way, the fibres will plump up!