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How to get red wine out of carpet

Mark Lucas by Mark Lucas

If you’ve spilt red wine on your carpet, it can feel like the end of the world. But act fast and follow our advice, and you stand a great chance of getting it out.


Before attempting any kind of cleaning, you should consult your carpet care guide. Different materials and carpet types react in different ways so it’s important to check the following methods are appropriate and won’t damage your flooring.

Preparation is key. The sooner you can tackle the stain the better as wet stains are easier to remove. Firstly, blot up any excess red wine. Don’t rub the area – you not only risk damaging the carpet but intensifying the stain.


Work from the outside of the stain in to contain the area. When the area begins to feel dry, add a little cold water and repeat the blotting process. Still don’t be tempted to rub the area, and blot until you can’t remove any more.

Use salt
To remove the remaining part of the stain, you’ll need rock salt. If your stain is now dry, perk up the area with a splash of cold water. Salt on a dry stain won’t be as effective as this method relies on the absorption of the red wine.

Cover the area with rock salt and leave until totally dry – you could leave this for a few hours, or overnight if possible. Scoop up the excess salt and vacuum the area. If the salt leaves a residue, dampen the area slightly and vacuum again.


Removing any remaining stain
If you’re still struggling with a remaining mark, then you can try repeating the above steps. Alternatively, a carpet stain remover might help. It’s important to refer back to your carpet care instructions to make sure the product is suitable for the material you’ve chosen, as well as carefully reading the stain remover instructions.