How to get rid of carpet beetles

Mark Lucas by Mark Lucas

No one likes the thought of pests in their home. So if you’re worried you might have carpet beetles, take a look at this guide to help you remove them.

Before attempting any kind of cleaning, you should consult your carpet care guide. Different materials and carpet types react in different ways so it’s important to check the following methods are appropriate and won’t damage your flooring.

What are carpet beetles and the signs of an infestation?
Carpet beetles (also known as woolly bears) are tiny insects of around 2-4mm. They can be various colours, including brown, grey and cream. Up close, they look like a tiny ladybird, while the larvae are hairier and about 4mm long.

When it comes to carpets, carpet beetles prefer wool or natural fibres. However, as they are also attracted to fabric, fur, feathers, flowers and dog food to name a few, even synthetic carpet owners should be wary.

One of the first signs of an infestation is pellets or shed larvae skins. Carpet beetles love dark spaces, so lookout for damage, usually round holes of balding carpet in shady corners.

Getting rid of carpet beetles


Safeguarding against carpet beetles