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Children’s Road Map Carpets

Create an imaginary world on your carpet

Samantha Gibson by Samantha Gibson

Imagine how great it would be if your child could have a whole city spread out in front of them for all their toy cars and vehicles to explore. Experts at Hillarys are looking into ways in which technology could transform the way we live in the future, and have come up with a fun road map carpet concept for children.

The children’s roadmap carpet concept would fire your child’s imagination with towns and cityscapes including building sites, fire stations, shops, hospitals and schools, all digitally created on your carpet via an app on your smartphone.

The roadmap carpet would utilise LED displays, sewn into a layer between the soft carpet surface and the protective underlay. The app on your smartphone would allow you to download a whole range of road layouts, which would be illuminated directly onto the surface of your carpet.

With so many variations to choose from, your child could imagine a whole world of adventure, where their diggers could go to work on the local building site, their fire engines could attend emergencies from the local fire station and their racing cars could zoom around the bends on fast country roads.

The great thing about the road map carpet is that it would create a large, safe area for your children and their friends to play on for hours – and when it’s time to put the toys away, the carpet would look and feel just like any other.

Tara Hall from Hillarys said: ‘The roadmap carpet concept could be a great way for children to develop their imagination through play. We love the fact that this concept harnesses the latest technology but uses it to enhance traditional play, giving you and your children the best of both worlds”.