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Samantha Gibson by Samantha Gibson

In-home experts at Hillarys are exploring how recent technological advances could affect the way we live and interact with our homes in the future, and a key area of interest is the carpet. Taking up a large surface area and having the facility to easily hide tech in the layers beneath the carpet’s surface, this humble floorcovering could soon be transformed into a hive of family activity.

The latest concept carpet to come out of the Hillarys Future Innovations studio is the Dance Carpet 3000 – a fun concept product for all the family.

Forget bulky dance mats that take ages to find and even longer to set up when you want to play your favourite dance video games, the Dance Carpet 3000 would be ever-ready for dance action.     

The Dance Carpet 3000 would feature LED lights and motion sensors cleverly concealed between the carpet surface and the protective underlay. To start dancing, all you would need to do is position a TV in a suitable spot, grab your smartphone and you’re ready to go. The Dance Carpet 3000 would be linked to a Bluetooth speaker and controlled by a dance app on your phone which would stream onto your tv via Chromecast or any compatible streaming service.

When not in use, the Dance Carpet 3000 would hide its party-loving side, looking and feeling just like a standard carpet. But whenever you feel like dancing, the Dance Carpet 3000 area would light up, illuminating the foot sequences ready for you to test your skills. The sensors in the carpet would be triggered by your moves and score them accordingly.

You could then progress through the levels on the dance app until you felt confident enough to take your moves out onto a real dancefloor. And there would be almost no limit to the number of people who could take part in the fun. Depending on the size of your room, up to six family members could take part in the ultimate dance-off competition.

 Tara Hall from Hillarys said: “If you’re looking for the ultimate family game, this has got to be it. Everyone can move to music and this would be a great way to enjoy your favourite tunes, get some exercise and improve your dance skills in a fun and entertaining way.”