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Musical Carpets

Make sweet music on your carpet

Samantha Gibson by Samantha Gibson

If you ever find yourself tapping your feet to your favourite tunes, you could soon be playing along with a Musical Carpet from Hillarys.

The Musical Carpet is inspired by the iconic scene in the film ‘Big’, where Tom Hanks plays chopsticks on a giant piano built into the floor. The carpet, a concept product from Hillarys, employs smart technology to transform this fun fantasy into a genuine product for the home.

On the surface, the carpet would look and feel exactly like any other, with its musical heart hidden beneath the surface layer. But when the rhythm takes you, simply download an instrument of your choice onto your carpet and let your inner rock star do the rest.  

The technology behind the Musical Carpet is actually pretty simple. A combination of LED light sensors and sound chips would be fitted onto a middle layer between the carpet surface and the protective underlay. This central layer would link up to an external speaker within the room, letting you blast out your original tunes for all the family to hear. 

To play, all you need to do is download an instrument of your choice from an app on your smartphone. The selected instrument would then appear as if by magic via the LED lights in the carpet, and you can start making music by pressing the sensors with your feet – or your elbows or your bum!

Tara Hall from Hillarys said: ‘This is a really fun idea, especially for a kid’s room. It harnesses childrens’ love of technology and uses it in a really creative way. It’s also a great way to bring the whole family together to enjoy a fun-filled afternoon that could burn off a few extra calories too!”