What colour should your home be?

When painting our homes, we don't always get the colour right the first time - but is it really our fault? Different environmental factors can affect how we perceive colour, so what you see in the tin may not necessarily be what you see on the walls.

We enlisted the help of visual neuroscientist, Professor Anya Hurlbert, to investigate the psychology behind colour perception and help you pick out the right colour for your room every time.

In a few simple questions, you'll find out which colours will work best in the room of your choice. Our quiz considers how the dimensions and lighting in your room may affect your perception of colour, and how the purpose of the room should play a part in your colour choice.

The colour expert

Professor Anya Hurlbert

Anya Hurlbert MD PhD is professor of Visual Neuroscience at Newcastle University. Her research specialises in the visual system of the human brain and the role of colour perception in everyday behaviour.

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