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Introducing the Baby Soothing Curtains…

avatar of Samantha Gibson

by Samantha Gibson

It sounds like something that parents could only dream about, but with smart technology even the humble curtain can’t stay untouched and might be about to become a child comforting device.

The baby soothing curtain, a concept product idea from Hillarys, would allow parents to soothe their children back to sleep without even having to leave their bed, perfect for those sleepless nights parents often face.


“There are so many reasons that a baby may wake up in the night, sometimes they just need a bit of calming music and subtle patterns to return them to the land of nod.” says Tanya Irons.
In terms of design the curtain will feature four layers. A top layer with the chosen pattern, a second comprising a matrix of LED lights, a third containing sound chips and a bottom layer with hundreds of tiny sensors hidden in the blackout fabric.

The LED layer would illuminate subtle patterns and the sound chip layer would play a mixture of sounds including a choice of lullabies or white noise, which a parent can pick from a selection on the baby soothing curtains app.

As the average child’s cry is between 115-130 decibels, the lights and sounds on the curtain will be set to play once the sensor in the curtain detects a noise of 90db or more.  A parent could also set the curtain to play via the app when they first put their child down for the night so the child learns to associate the curtain’s music and lights with bed time.

Of course the curtain would also boast the same design with a range of patterns and seen throughout the Hillarys range, so style and function are guaranteed too.

Could this be the future of nursery technology?