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Hillarys Friends – Decorating your baby’s nursery

with Lily Green

Samantha Gibson by Samantha Gibson

Regular readers of my blog will know that here at Hillarys, we pride ourselves on being the window coverings experts, but it’s always good to get the thoughts and views of others too. When it came to decorating a nursery, there was one lady we knew we had to call on for her practical advice. White Lily Green is a proud mum and keen blogger with four children aged between 13 years and 12 months. In her guest blog below, White Lily shares her top tips for doing up a baby’s room.

Hillarys Friends – Decorating your baby’s nursery

As I write this my heart sinks a little.  My fourth and last baby is nearing toddlerhood as she starts taking her first wobbly steps into independence. Never again will I decorate a nursery; the tranquil neutral tones will soon be thrown out in favour of Peppa pig and bright colours.

I think of nurseries as baby's first little sanctuary; somewhere he or she will feel safe, calm and content. Decor should reflect this. When designing your baby's nursery keep things simple; in the beginning babies don't need too much stimulation, so don’t overdo the decorating.

Consider the ambience of the room; the temperature, lighting and even sounds in the room. You want to create a space that is calm and restful.  We bought a cot mobile that played womb sounds and our Daughter would only settle with that to begin with. You can buy CDs too, so perhaps you could have a small CD player with a compilation of soothing sounds or music.

I always think neutral tones are lovely for a baby's room. You can add little accents of colour for a personal touch. Choose a theme or colour scheme that suits your style and go from there – Pinterest is fantastic for inspiration!

One piece of advice I would give any parent is to invest in a blind. A blackout blind is fantastic for nap times or if like me you have a street light right outside the bedroom window. Make sure the cord is secured properly to ensure safety.

You don't have to pay out for expensive wallpapers or murals. A plain painted wall can be brought to life with removable vinyl stickers than can easily be removed once baby is older.

Create a little area when you can sit to feed or cuddle your baby. I loved my rocking nursing chair that I had in the coolest corner of the room. I had a comfy cushion and a little unit to the side where I kept breast pads, a bottle of water and a selection of books.

When deciding where to put the crib/cot make sure it's away from windows, shelving, radiators/heaters and that any wall hangings or cords are well away from baby's reach.  When choosing bedding, as beautiful as they all are, ensure that they are suitable for newborns. We swear by baby sleep bags - no kicking off covers or worrying about baby wriggling underneath them.

Have fun designing and decorating, it shouldn't be a chore. Enlist help from friends and family and make it a special affair. Just remember, it doesn't need to cost the earth, so long as the room feels special to you.

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