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Hillarys Friends

I heart mid-century modern furniture

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by Tara Hall

In her blog Mother-Wife-Me; Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh muses about life as a mother, wife, and importantly – herself. Like us, Luci is a big fan of mid-century furniture. Here she shares with us her quest to find the perfect 1930s to 1960s piece. If you’re on a similar mission to Luci, then we’ve a selection of wonderful retro inspired fabrics within our curtains range which will complement your new finds beautifully. You can also watch our short video from Hillarys soft furnishings expert Yvonne Keal to discover more about this trend.

Hillarys Friends - I heart mid-century modern furniture

Our house is in the middle of an East London terrace. In a sweep of grand Victorian properties, it is one of ten houses built in the late 1960s, sandwiched into a gap probably created during the Blitz.

Aside from the fabulous amount of light let in through its floor to ceiling windows, the thing we love most about our place is that it’s the perfect space to fill with mid-century modern furniture.

There’s something curiously satisfying about buying pieces from the period of furniture making that spans from the mid 1930s to the mid 1960s. It’s about as far removed from a trip to Ikea as you can get.

Don’t get me wrong; Ikea has its place in this world. I’ve spent many an hour winding my way around its maze - and I have the tea lights to prove it.

But going on a mission to hunt down the perfect mid-century modern piece involves a delicious amount of free-styling, as you navigate your way through the likes of eBay and Etsy, track down independent retailers, or trawl through a musty vintage furniture warehouse. And then there’s the magic ingredient to a mid-century modern furniture hunt - luck.

Luck? Yip, because the one thing you can count on is that there won’t be more in stock. Even if a dealer can source more of the same, it won’t be exactly the same. Each piece comes with a visible history of its journey through time. And there lies the true beauty of mid-century modern, it has heart and it has soul. It’s lived a life of its own that started long before you found it.

It can also be unbeatable value for money. Find a brand new piece of furniture made with the same level of craftsmanship and quality of materials and you’ll often pay a vast amount more than for the equivalent vintage piece.

The most recent additions to our modern furniture menagerie, a pair of bedside tables, came from Chase & Sorensen, an independent café-shop on Dalston Lane in Hackney, which serves up exceedingly good Scandinavian food and coffee, in a showroom stocked exclusively with mid-century modern furniture from Denmark.

We – my husband and I – were on the look out for a console table for our hallway, but this pair of bedside tables hanging from the wall caught our eye immediately and we couldn’t resist.

All it took was a quick discussion over a cup of coffee and a chocolate brownie and we’d made our purchase. You don’t get that kind of a shopping experience in a high street furniture shop!


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