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Kinsey White Motorised Roller blind

Living with white

in a hands-on home

Tara Hall by Tara Hall

White is one of the most classic and sought after interior looks. It’s discreet and it doesn’t demand attention from the eye. It’s neither distracting nor offensive, it’s calming and inviting and at the same time it’s stylishly powerful.

We all know that white can be a challenging every day colour to live with, especially when children, pets and red wine are taken into consideration. Nevertheless, white is a great way to enrich your home. Here are our top tips on how to live with the all-white look.

If sticky hand prints and muddy paws are cause for concern, consider wipeable surfaces such as leather or washable fabrics. Our fauxwood Henley shutters are a great option; they’re waterproof, which makes them a great option for bathrooms and kitchens. They’re incredibly hard wearing too, so ideal for busy family homes.
Waterproof Fauxwood Henley shutters in bathroom View Shutters

If you want an easy-clean option, choose blinds that can be wiped clean.Venetian blinds that can be kept spotless with a quick wipe, making them not only stylish but practical too.
white venetian blind in dining room View Venetian blinds

Using a combination of cushions and throws in rich soft fabric will make a room cosy and inviting. Choose washable fabrics to keep your room looking clean and fresh.
white roller blind with white curtain in bedroom View Roller blind

If you’ve opted for an all-white kitchen, your pristine cabinets may become tinged with yellow from sun damage. Try using a Vertical blind to protect your cabinets and filter light.
white vertical kitchen blinds View Vertical blinds

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