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Acacia Yellow Vertical blinds hanging in a dining room

How to dress windows with vertical blinds

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by Mark Lucas

Our Vertical blinds range is full of fresh fabrics that will help you see the sleek blinds in a brand new light. From practical rooms like bathrooms and kitchens to living spaces and beyond, this series of articles offers a whole host of inspiration to help you use the blinds in your home.

Vertical blinds are a fantastic solution for those ‘problem’ windows around the home. From fitting difficult shapes to tackling touch conditions, Verticals are a versatile choice. Take a look at our guide to practical solutions for your windows.

The kitchen is the hub of the home, so it’s important it’s a stylish yet practical space. If you’re an avid cook, you’ll know just how pesky lingering cooking smells can be. A PVC or wipe-clean option is the perfect choice at the window, like this timeless Iowa Frost slat in our contemporary kitchen.
Iowa-Frost_Vertical-blind View our Vertical blinds range

Alternatively, consider our rigid PVC slats. These are a weightier option with no stabilising chains, so they’re ideal for creating a clean, contemporary effect. The wipe-clean finish of our Merlyn Shimmer White is great as a kitchen blind but would be just as perfect a choice for controlling light and privacy levels in a bathroom.
Meryln-Shimmer-White-Vertical-blind View our Vertical blinds range

Sloping windows
Quirky features, such as sloping windows, are often what draws us to a house, but we can sometimes be left stumped when it comes to dressing them. Of course, there are plenty of options available. Vertical blinds are a fantastic choice for sloping windows and doors, and here we’ve demonstrated our Cortina Cream louvre at this unusual door.
Sherbourne-Lemon-Vertical-blind View our Vertical blind range

Each pane of glass features a different headrail to create truly customisable control over light and privacy levels. But you can just as easily opt for one large blind to cover the entire space. Our Vertical blinds can be made up to five metres wide and with a four-metre drop, so there’s plenty of choice for large windows and doors!

Split drops
For windows and doors in close proximity, split drop Vertical blinds are just the thing. This means that the louvres within a blind can have varying drop lengths for a really neat finish. Here, we’ve simply chosen to have our blinds bunch at the right and added an extra smaller blind to dress the right-hand window.

Bay windows
We’re often asked how to dress a bay window. They’re such a lovely feature, it’s a shame to cover them up, which makes a curved headrail a beautiful option. Here, the soft shade of our Sherbourne Lemon fabric provides a lovely addition to this timeless bay window. Layer with curtains – also available with a curved pole -  for a truly sumptuous feel.

For more advice on dressing bay windows, take a look at our blog post here.

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