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How to achieve maximum darkness with blackout fabrics & linings

For a sound sleep

avatar of Emily Booth

by Emily Booth

In-home Advice Expert

Published: 20/04/2016

Updated: 16/12/2019

Achieve maximum darkness in your bedroom with blackout blinds and blackout curtains. Choose from a superb range of styles and designs to suit every type of décor and enjoy a good night’s rest all year round with our bedroom blinds range.

Our bodies are programmed to respond to light, and the slightest bit of sun can send strong signals to our brains. This can make it very difficult to fall asleep, especially in summer when the evenings are longer. By choosing blinds in blackout fabrics and opting for blackout linings for your curtains, you can fool your brain into thinking it’s still the dead of night, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Lights out
For a standard window, one of the simplest and smartest blackout choices is a Roller blind in a blackout fabric. For optimum performance fit your Roller blind into a Perfect Fit frame. This clips into your uPVC window frame and your blind becomes an integral part of your window. There are no operating cords with a PerfectFit blind, so it’s a great choice for a home with children.
Living room with Perfect fit Roller blinds in tropical print

Electric dreams
Our Roman blinds are designed to complement our curtains range, and layering curtains over a Roman blinds not only looks great but can also be extremely effective in blocking out light. Once you’ve got control over the amount of light coming through your window, check your room for any electrical items that may emit light as you sleep, and switch them off where possible. 
A dark desk and bright orange chair sit in front of a window with a orange blind. The blind is combined with grey detailed curtains. There are also two fabric wall hangings on either side of the window.

Cool looks
As well as controlling light, your window coverings have an important role to play in maintaining a comfortable temperature in your bedroom, which is another important factor when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Layering your window coverings is a great way to manage the temperature all year-round, and there’s no hard and fast rule about the number of layers you can include. 
A white bedroom with two black sash windows dressing with dark curtains and light pink Roller blinds

Sound asleep
If you’re a light sleeper and are easily disturbed by light and sounds in and around the home, it pays to invest in a window covering that not only blocks out the light but also reduces the effects of noise pollution outside. Wooden shutters are the most effective window covering when it comes to blocking out both light and noise. Fit shutters or solid wooden shutters in addition to double glazing, and you’ll create a really effective barrier that just happens to look fantastic. 
Blue painted solid Wooden shutters View solid shutters

We hope you have found this guide on how to achieve maximum darkness in your room helpful. See our other guides on ‘Expert Advice and tips for blackout blinds’ for more top tips.

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