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Will Taylor From Bright Bazzar Collaboration

How to Inject colour into your home

with Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar

Ciaran McGuire by Ciaran McGuire

We teamed up with Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar and Houzz to host a live chat on 15 April. Will inspired readers with ways to inject colour into their homes. Here are a few of our favourite questions from the day.

Adding colour to a Scandi scheme

Scandi interiors are big news – in fact, we’ve a whole collection dedicated to the gorgeous trend – so it was no surprise that the first question referenced the look. Sarah asked how to add colour to her grey and white bedroom without losing the Scandi effect. Will recommended adding splashes of an accent colour. To keep the Scandi look, he talked about choosing a lone pop of a bright colour, through a pendant light, cushion, custom colour shutters or bright blinds.

Grey Striped Roller Blinds In Wooden Panelled Room View grey roller blinds

Toning down brown
Chevi wondered about a budget way to take the focus off her boring brown sofa. Will suggested incorporating it into a botanical scheme, by choosing a green rug and botanical prints on cushions or throws to make the sofa the supporting star in the space, rather than the focal point.

Blue Curtains with wooden drawers - Botanical Blue Curtains View Curtains

Complementing metallic shades
Will answered a question that comes up time and again on Houzz about which colours best highlight metallic accents. Will said that a monochromatic black and white scheme will suit any metallic shade. He finished by saying that a touch of marble is another great material to mix with metallics.

Brown Vertical Blinds In A Monochrome Room View brown vertical blinds

Just the right amount of colour
Some Houzzers were worried that colour might overpower their room. So in order to keep things serene, what did Will suggest? Will reminded us that colour doesn’t have to mean the brightest crayons in the box. Toning down the intensity of your chosen colours will soften the final look – think primrose yellow rather than bright shades.

Multicoloured Wooden Window Shutters View Solid Shutters

To see the full Live Chat with Will, head over to Houzz.

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