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Splash Proof Blue Roller Blinds in the Kitchen

5 of the best window questions

from our Lorraine Q&A

Samantha Gibson by Samantha Gibson

On 31March, we took over the Lorraine Facebook page to answer viewers’ burning interior questions. And they didn’t disappoint! Take a look at five of the best Q&As from the day.

Patio doors
We’re often asked how best to dress patio doors, so it was no surprise that Luci wanted advice on the subject. And although lots of different window dressings are perfect for the job, we recommend an innovative system called Perfect Fit. Pleated, Venetian  or Roller blinds in a Perfect Fit frame clip into the uPVC frames and become an integral part of the door.
Patterned Roller Blinds On Patio Doors - Padro Blush Roller Blinds View Roller blinds

Bay windows
Bay windows are another window hot topic, and Helen asked how she could dress hers. For a modern effect, we recommended Wooden blinds, softened at the edges with dress curtains. Alternatively, Roman blinds and curtains together create an effortlessly chic feel that never goes out of fashion.
White Roman Bay Window Blinds in a  White Room View white Roman blinds

Maximising space
Rachel wanted to make a small window appear larger. A sneaky trick is to fit curtains higher or wider than the window to give the illusion of extra space. Choosing compact blinds that fold up small is another smart idea – Pleated blinds take up very little room at the top of the window, for example.
Splash Proof Blue Roller Blinds in the Kitchen View blue Roller blinds

Vie wondered about privacy in her conservatory. In any room, a blind with slats is perfect for improving privacy control, but Fauxwood is perfect for conservatory side windows as it won’t warp with temperature changes. We recommended adding made-to-measure Pleated blinds at the roof for supreme heat and light control.
Grey Pleated Blinds In the Dining Room View grey Pleated blinds

Kitchens are practical spaces, and Sophie wanted an equally practical blind for hers. We recommended a splash-proof Roller blind. A wipe-clean fabric is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, particularly when the window is behind a sink.
White Wooden Blinds In a White Conservatory View white wooden blinds

If you’d like to read the full answers, along with loads more questions, head over to the Lorraine Facebook page.

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