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Sleepy Britons get a Monday morning surprise

Samantha Gibson by Samantha Gibson

Would you push the button for a compliment?

Monday morning commuters in a quiet UK suburb and a busy town centre had their post-weekend blues transformed thanks to the charming words of a dark and handsome … box fitted with a big red button.

We left the blinds at home; instead setting up two plinths in bus stops , complete with rather mysterious instructions for passers-by to push the big red button to get a lovely compliment.

Little did the commuters know, the plinth was plugged into a hidden camera, a wireless microphone and speakers. On the other end of the technology, we had team members closely monitoring the action and ready to offer personal compliments the moment the button was pushed.

The plinths attracted ample attention from commuters, with those who pushed the button loving the compliments they received.

Have a watch below to see the results of our little stunt for yourselves.

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