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Full height White Wooden shutters

Great Whites

Six of the best white interiors

Samantha Gibson by Samantha Gibson

When in doubt, choose white. So many people opt for white because it’s a safe option that won’t date. But we’re here to show you that far from fading into the background, white window dressings can be the hero of your interior scheme, creating a serious style statement all on their own.

Add personality with white wooden shutters
Wooden shutters really add to the personality of a room so consider them as one of the key design elements in your overall scheme.  Some shutter styles are ideally suited to specific looks, especially continental café style shutters. The tracked shutters we’ve used in this dining room not only look stunning, but also complement the patio doors perfectly. And with our custom colour service, your shutters can be made to match almost any shade.

Silk white-tracked-shutters-dining-room Browse Shutters

Get the layered look with white wooden blinds
White wooden blinds are a great starting point for your interior design ideas. These practical blinds filter the light and provide essential privacy, as well as giving you a blank canvas to build on. In this living room we’ve layered Lyra White voile curtains over Purity White wooden blinds and accesorised with soft pastels. The overall effect is fresh and bright, and because the primary palette is so neutral, you can easily update and refresh the look when you fancy a change.   

Purity-White-Wooden-blindsLyra-White-voile-curtains-living-room View Wooden blinds

Create interest with pattern and texture
Unless you incorporate interesting features and textures into  your designs, an interior with a limited cololur palette can quickly begin to feel clinical and sterile. So create interest with patterned or textured blinds. This sheer Kinsey White Roller blind features an attractive swirling design which is transparent, allowing the light to dance and play on the interior walls and furnishings. 
Kinsey-white-Roller-blind-dining-room Explore Roller blinds

Contrast white blinds with a dark interior scheme
The combination of black and white is classically stylish and timeless. The best monochrome schemes use tone and texture to create interest. This contemporary living room combines grey and dark wood tones with a classic black and white palette. Geometric shapes and formal stripes add texture, with the whole look being brought together by a structured Sherbourne White Vertical blnds across the wide window. 
Sherbourne-White-Vertical-blinds-living-room. See more Vertical blinds

Design a minimalist space
White lends itself brilliantly to minimalist interiors with a futuristic feel. This bedroom design creates a feeling of order and space by combining regular shapes and clean lines. Surfaces are highly polished and clutter-free, with only a hint of cream to soften the pristine palette. We’ve chosen a Midas white pleated blind for the window. The unusual textured fabric is ideally suited to contemporary styling, and because Pleated blinds are available in a range of innovative fabrics, including thermal and blackout options, they’re perfect for space-age schemes.
Midas-White-Pleated-blind-bedroom Explore Pleated blinds

Get technical with motorised blinds
Gadget lovers are rushing to get the very latest motorised Roller blinds, which allow you to effortlessly control  multiple blinds with a single remote control. Clever features include a pre-set button which lets you position individual blinds at different heights in the window for a full-on designer feel. We’ve used Kinsey White electric Roller blinds for the patio doors and windows in this bright living room. Chocolate and raspberry cushions add a sweet splash of colour to the hi-tech scheme.
Kinsey-White-Electric-blind-living room Discover electric blinds

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