Off the Grid

Embrace the simple life

Sarah Quilliam by Sarah Quilliam

Take time out from the connected world to re-connect with your surroundings. Find beauty in simplicity and create a calming space where you can escape the stresses of modern life.

This look embraces a back-to-nature approach to indoor living, finding pleasure in simple design, natural materials, manual activities and earthy aromas. Choose blinds, curtains and shutters in woodland shades and enhance with pops of peach and lime for a blast of freshness.    

Get the look
Think of a remote woodland cabin with no modern appliances or conveniences and you’re already halfway to realising this simplistic and wholesome look. This trend focuses on functional pieces with little or no unnecessary embellishment. Imperfect, hand-drawn stripes and stamped geometric patterns feature strongly, along with Scandinavian influenced florals. Cosy-up with coarse plaid and tweed blankets, along with chunky, hand-dyed knits and linens.

Bohemia-Tango-curtains-bedroom -

Perfect for lounging
Go off grid and the only essential item you need in your living room is an oversized slouchy armchair, perfectly positioned for reading, snoozing and contemplating nature. Winter berry shades combine with warm wood tones to create a naturally cosy space. The top and bottom sections of these practical tier-on-tier wooden shutters open independently to give you real flexibility and control over light and temperature.

Cream-tier-on-tier-shutters-living-room - View shutters

Crafty spaces
This beautiful bedroom is packed full of chunky white wooden furniture in a rustic style. The matching floorboards and fireplace act as a blank canvas to the delicate crocheted lace throw and hand-embroidered cushions. Natural forms and themes adorn the walls and mantelpiece and a coarse sea grass rug adds texture and warmth underfoot. The soft pastel shades and hand-crafted styling is echoed by the informal blended stripes on these gorgeous Melia Spice Roller blinds.

Melia-Spice-Roller-blinds-bedroom - Browse Roller blinds

Campfire comfort

Combine textured fabrics in deep forest shades for a cocooning feel. We love this smeary charcoal Riviera Dusk Roman blind which we’ve emphasised with the splintered abstract wall art. Full length Element Denim curtains frame the window, creating drama and focus within the room. The contemporary standard lamp bends, branchlike over the long, low sofa which fills the room. A textured geometric throw provides the necessary creature comforts. 

Element-Denim-curtains-with-Riviera-Dusk-Roman-blind-living-room - View Roman blinds


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