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Matt and Daniela love their statement shutters

avatar of Helen Moore

by Helen Moore

Matt and Daniela moved into their brand new home six months ago and couldn’t wait to put their own stamp on the décor.

They liked the look of shutters and were interested to see how they’d look in their lounge, so booked a free home appointment with Hillarys to find out more.

I just wanted something really modern, something that would make a statement. And as I always associate Hillarys with good quality, choosing Hillarys was a ‘no-brainer’.

matt-and-daniela's-shutters Discover shutters

The Hillarys advisor came to our home and showed us the range.  He gave us so much great advice and talked us through all the practicalities, including how to let the most light into our room.

Having found the perfect look for their lounge, they decided to go-ahead.

 “Our advisor did a fantastic job of fitting our new shutters and it was so much quicker than I expected.” says Daniela.

So, what’s the final thought on their new shutters?

“They look really smart and we really like them. They’re exactly what we were looking for.”

Take a look at our range and discover the perfect shutters for your home.

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Choosing shutters: Meet Daniela and Matt

Choosing shutters: Meet Daniela and Matt YouTube video thumbnail

Matt and Daniela moved into their brand new home and couldn’t wait to furnish it with all the things they love. They both admired the look of shutters and were keen to see how they would look in their lounge. Now their shutters have been fitted, they’re over the moon with the result. Watch and short film and find out why their new shutters have made such a big difference.

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