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Oralia Ochre curtains and Howard Natural Roman Blind in living room

How to match your curtains and blinds

avatar of Emily Booth

by Emily Booth

In-home Advice Expert

Published: 04/05/2017

Updated: 05/12/2019

Get the perfect look in your home with curtains and blinds from our collection. Read our handy guide to matching curtains and blinds, and discover how to combine colour, pattern and texture to create a stunning finish at your window.  

Things to consider

  • What colour do you want to choose?
  • What existing colours are already in your room
  • How long are your curtains going to be?
  • Do you want to include pattern, bold colours or texture?


Create synergy with a single shade
Choosing a single shade for your walls and window coverings really brings your interior scheme together. By using the same colour throughout, you unify your colour scheme, creating a harmonious and balanced space. By using colour in this way, your décor becomes recessive, allowing your furniture and accessories to take centre stage. White or light neutral shades will help to make your room seem bigger and more welcoming.

Delizia Taupe curtains and Lindora Linen romans in the dining room

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Use texture to transform a simple scheme
Neutral, subtle and simple schemes can all be greatly enhanced with the introduction of textured window dressings. And for a fascinating frisson that’s irresistibly sensuous, try combining two very different textured blinds and made to measure curtains. Top interior designer Abigail Ahern showed us just how stunning this mix of textures can be when she teamed a Garcia Phantom Roman blind with beautiful Harkness Gasoline curtains.


Be inspired by the textures in your home
Let elements of your existing décor inspire your creative choices and you’ll be amazed at the results. In this calm and restful living room, the Cley Mole Roman blind mimics the beautiful wood panelling on the wall. The pattern follows the same direction and the design shares the same subtle colouring and irregular features as the knotty woodgrain. The zig zag pattern on the Wolfe Smoulder curtains creates a physical break in an otherwise unbroken line.

Abigail Ahern curtains in a stylish modern living room

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Matching wooden blinds to curtains
We’ve combined Luminere Wooden Venetian blinds with rich Aurella Claret curtains in this warm and welcoming living room. The  brightly patterned window dressings add a pop of colour along with the neutral seating and plush grey cushions. You can easily translate these looks into your own home by incorporating small, but key design elements.

Aurella claret curtains lunaire faux wood blinds in living room

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How to introduce pattern into a plain scheme
Pattern is a great way to add interest to your décor, and because curtains and blinds are easy and cost-effective to replace, you can update your look really easily to reflect trends and changing tastes. When matching plains and patterns, select one colour from your patterned blind or curtains and use that shade for your matching plain fabric. In this cosy living room, we’ve chosen Loxely Emerald curtains for their contemporary geometric design and matched them to Malone Teal, a jewel toned velvet Roman blind

Loxley Emerald Curtains with Malone Velvet Teal Roman blinds in a dining room window

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Be adventurous with pattern
The art to combining patterns is successfully balancing form and colour.  Choose a bold print for your main fabric and complement it with a softer, more subtle design. Abstract prints and watercolour washes are a good choice for your secondary pattern, whereas stripes and florals work well as the hero fabric. Keep to a limited colour palette for your pairing to avoid colour clashes. And if you’ve used strong patterns in your window dressings, choose a neutral shade for your walls.

A white bedroom with two black sash windows dressing with dark curtains and light pink Roller blinds


How to match your curtains to your sofa

Matching your sofa can help to anchor a room and really bring out your decorating scheme.  Choose a shade that they both share in common to help ground a bold print or colour block with luxurious fabrics in velvet. Alternatively, a neutral couch or fabric can help to boost a bright colour. We've chosen the beautiful floral pattern of Monroe Damson with Luminere Venetian blinds underneath. The neutral shade of the couch and also the blinds help to make the purple tones of the design pop.

Living room with purple floral curtains layered over faux wood blinds


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