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How to dress Crittall windows

with George Clarke

Ciaran McGuire by Ciaran McGuire

The current trend for open-plan living and the industrial look have seen a surge of interest in Crittall windows. They’re big in magazines and they’re big in more and more homes.

Here, architect and TV presenter George Clarke reveals his tips for dressing Crittall windows.


Why Crittall windows are so special
Crittall windows are often associated with the Art Deco period of the 1930s, but their history actually stretches back to the Victorian era. As George says, their continued success only proves great design never goes out of fashion

For Crittall windows, the design is all about the steel frame. The delicate, thin lines have an industrial but very smart feel.

The real appeal though is how Crittall windows allow a space to be zoned or divided without locking it away. Having Crittall Windows creates a sense of continuity between the living and outside areas. Light flows through and makes everything feel very much like one space.

So the most important thing about dressing Crittall windows is …
When dressing Crittall windows, you want to be able to keep that gorgeous frame on view as much as possible. You’re also aiming to preserve the flow between spaces. So the choice you make needs to be able to make a statement and to provide privacy while also receding into the background when the time’s right.


It has to be curtains for Crittall windows
Dressing Crittall windows with curtains is the perfect solution for George. In the pictured room, the curtains tuck back to the sides of the Crittall windows, revealing the glory of the frame and keeping the open feeling between the spaces.

Curtains can be closed for privacy or if the sunshine ever gets too much and they’ll even offer that extra bit of insulation to keep a room cosy over winter.

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