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George Clarke Acacia Ice Motorised Roller blinds with Bardot Grey curtains

How to dress wide windows

with George Clarke

Samantha Gibson

by Samantha Gibson

Trend and Styling Expert

Published: 07/01/2019

Updated: 15/09/2021

Here architect and TV presenter George Clarke shares a few ideas to help counter the common issues when dressing wide windows.

Yellow curtains fitted to a wide door windows that open onto a patio in a kitchen featuring a dining table and sofa

What are the best curtains for wide windows?

Let’s face it; everyone wants their wide windows to look great. And if that’s your only priority then you’re spoilt for choice in our ranges of blindscurtains and shutters.

Curtains are a great choice if you’re looking to add style and softness to a space. They’re also perfect for wide windows, because they can be made with plenty of fabric to cover large expanses.

George particularly likes the way curtains change the mood of a room. The soft fabrics change the acoustics, making it feel that little bit more intimate and cosy.

George Clark_Acacia Ice_motorized_Roller blinds_with_Bardot Grey_curtains

What are the best blinds for wide windows?

One of the best things about wide windows is all the glorious sunshine they let into a room. Obviously, the sunshine won’t always feel glorious and there are times when you’ll long for a little shade or for total darkness.

For creating shade, you’ll want blinds or curtains in a sheer fabric, which lets light through but in a gentle way. George opted for our Acacia Ice Roller blind, layered with grey curtains with a blackout curtain lining. This lets George pull his curtains together to help block out the sunshine and completely change the atmosphere in his room.

Interior Designer George Clarke sat in a black and brown armchair with a footrest in a living room featuring a yellow sofa, glass coffee table and grey curtains which are matched with white roller blinds that have been fitted to a wide rectangular window in the room

Privacy control

Many of us live in built-up areas, where houses overlook each other and passers-by might see something they shouldn’t. Wide windows only exacerbate the problem.

Sheer blinds or curtains offer a solution, with the light fabric creating a veil-like effect. It’s another reason why George chose our Acacia Ice Roller blind.


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