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Small Window Shutters

Samantha Gibson by Samantha Gibson

Dining rooms can be an afterthought in today’s modern homes, but having a dedicated area in which to eat and entertain is a real plus. The trick to ensuring your dining space is used on a regular basis is practicality and, of course, good looks. Choose shutters for the windows and you’ll transform your dining space into a stylish haven you’ll look forward to spending time in.

Read on for our expert tips when choosing dining room shutters, and be inspired by our beautiful homes.

Practicality above all else

Of course, the first step in reclaiming a neglected dining room is ensuring the space works for you on a practical level - and that’s where our water-resistant shutters come in. With food and drinks being firmly on the cards, spills and splashes are inevitable. Our Henley shutters can be easily wiped clean, leaving you free to enjoy your dining space fully.

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Turn your dining room into a focal point

All window shutters provide that wow factor, but choose a daring colour, like this dramatic Black Walnut, and you’ll be the envy of all your dinner-party guests. We offer a range of colours and finishes, as well as a custom colour service, so you’ll be able to choose virtually any shade for your new shutters.

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A perfect match, whatever your décor

The great thing about shutters is their versatility. So, whether you want to create a relaxed vibe or a more formal feel in your dining area, shutters make a great choice. Their simple wooden panels and neat frames have a timeless appeal that sit well alongside any interior scheme and will outlive any changes you make to the room along the way.


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Suitable for patio doors

If your dining room has a patio door you’ll be pleased to know that our made-to-measure shutters can be fitted here too. We use full-height panels hinged on special tracks, so our patio door shutters will open and close easily in a concertina-like manner, perfect for garden parties and barbeques where you’ll need to dash between the dining room and garden.


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Consider solid panels for privacy

Large glass doors are great if your garden is relatively private, but if you’re overlooked you may want to consider solid shutters for these windows. These beautiful wooden panels work in the same way as regular tracked shutters, so can be operated easily, but when closed they block the outside world completely. Another benefit is that you can make a real feature of them in your dining area as they are eligible for our custom colour service.


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