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Create a festive

Modern Rustic look

avatar of Samantha Gibson

by Samantha Gibson

Marketing Communications Executive

Create an enchanting festive look his season. Combine natural materials with cosy textiles and rustic finishes for a traditional, folklore feel.

Enchanted forest hues
A frosty forest landscape provides the inspiration for this cossetting winter story. Dark inky washes, slushy blues and spruce green hues create a quiet and contemplative mood that envelops the senses. In our dining room, we’ve chosen Islita Blue Roman blinds to frame the feature windows. This beautiful fabric combines fade-out blue hues flecked with darker teal tones for a subtly, textured look.  We’ve painted the traditional armoire in an inky blue shade and the walls in an aloe green to create the lost-in-a- forest feel.


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Entwined with nature
Embellish your space with fragrant herbs, evergreen foliage and frosted branches to create a sense of being at-one with nature. Mimosa and jasmine scented candles combine with bay, mistletoe, pine, rosemary and lemon balm leaves for a sensory table setting, and the traditional spruce tree makes way for bare-fingered branches, frosted with fairy lights. Malva Duck Egg curtains, with their simple leaf motif, are layered over the Roman blinds to create a cosy feel that’s deeply rooted in nature. 


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Embrace imperfection
Never before has an array of mis-matched seating been so well suited to the décor of a room. Stools, benches and garden seating all have their place. Simply soften hard seating with snuggly sheepskin, cable knits and plump cushions for an eclectic look that will have your guests fighting for their seat at the table.


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A festive fairytale
Ambient lighting and accessories are an essential ingredient for creating the magical fairytale feel that’s perfect for the holiday season. Create an other-worldly atmosphere with flickering candles and twinkling fairy lights, creatively positioned around the room. Choose hand-crafted ceramics and art prints that reflect a storybook quality. Gingerbread house tea lights, vintage toys and folklore prints provide a real sense of wonder that’s irresistible, especially at this time of year.