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Sash Window Shutters

Samantha Gibson by Samantha Gibson

With effortless good looks and a host of practical benefits, shutters make an excellent choice for sash windows. We’ve a wide range of style, colour and finish options so you’ll be able to find the shutters that best meet your needs.

Take a look at these inspirational interiors and read our top tips for choosing shutter blinds for the sash windows in your home.

Add an extra layer of insulation

The majority of sash windows have timber frames and single-glazed glass, so are not as energy-efficient as we would like them to be. Dress them with window shutters and you’ll be adding a layer of insulation that’ll help prevent unwanted draughts and chills – perfect for those rooms that just never seem to warm up.

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Protect your privacy

A key factor when dressing sash windows is privacy, as, once opened, they can leave you particularly vulnerable to the prying eyes of passers-by. But tier-on-tier shutters help prevent any unwanted attention as the top and bottom panels can open and close independently. So, the next time you decide to take a bath, you can close your bottom shutter panel and throw your sash window wide open, safe in the knowledge that your privacy will remain firmly intact.

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Complement your original windows

Sash windows are a beautiful, architectural detail that should be celebrated, not hidden away. This bedroom uses full-height shutters that can be folded back during the day, highlighting the original windows underneath. While at night, the panels can be slid shut for a sound night’s sleep.

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A child safe option for kid’s rooms

If you’ve got little ones, you’ll know the importance of having window dressings that block out unwanted light and noise. Shutters tackle both of these issues, and because there’s no need for cords, shutters are also inherently child safe. So, if you’ve got sash windows in your kids’ rooms, consider installing wooden shutters. Their classic appearance is trend-proof too, so they won’t need updating every few years.

Ramp up your curb appeal

Sash windows have plenty of curb appeal, but add shutters into the mix and your style points will go through the roof. We offer a range of shutter styles to suit your needs - including solid wood panels, as seen in this breezy blue bedroom. Your advisor will take you through all the options and help you choose the right shutters for your home.

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