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Shutters for Doors

Tara Hall by Tara Hall

Shutters are a fantastic choice for the doors in your home for so many reasons – they look great, are easy to use and care for, and will last for many years. We’ve shutters for all types of doors in our range, including French doors, patio doors and more. Book a free home appointment and one of our expert advisors will guide you through all the options.

A co-ordinated look

A real benefit of choosing shutters for your doors is that you can match them to your existing window shutters. All of the shutters we offer for windows are available for doors too, so whatever style you choose you can achieve a co-ordinated look throughout your home. This is especially important if your windows and doors are close together, like this sophisticated kitchen.

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The warmth of wood

Choosing a natural wood finish for your shutters can help inject a touch of warmth into a minimal décor scheme. While we do love the classic all-white look, if your space is a little on the cool side why not try a wood stain for your shutter doors? These Richmond shutters in Medium Oak create a wonderful focal point in an otherwise neutral living area and really bring the room to life.

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Sweet dreams

Shutters are excellent for minimising noise, so make an ideal choice for bedrooms with doors that open onto a busy street or balcony. When closed they’ll help block out all the unwanted sounds from the outside world, and allow you catch-up on some quality shut-eye. And because our shutters are fitted to a track, all it takes to open them in the morning and close them at night is a simple slide.

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A budget friendly option

Dressing doors can be a costly affair thanks to the sheer size of the area you’re covering, which is why we’re delighted to offer a range of shutters for all budgets. Our Craftwood collection has all the style of traditional wood, with less of the expense, making them a great choice for doors in busy areas of the home, like the kitchen. And not only that, the timeless appeal of shutters means you needn’t worry about updating them any time soon either.

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Colour lovers

Whether they connect your living room to your dining room, kitchen to your garden or bedroom to balcony, chances are your doors are a feature in their own right. But dress them with colourful shutters and you’ll transform them into the focal point of the room. Shutters in all hues look great, and our wide range means you’ll be able to choose whatever colour or finish that’s right for you. But for those looking for something extra special, we also offer a custom colour service. Whatever you have in mind, we here to make it happen.

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