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Small Window Shutters

Sarah Quilliam by Sarah Quilliam

Shutters make a fabulous choice for small windows for so many reasons. Their made-to-measure frames provide a beautifully neat effect and, when chosen correctly, can even make your windows appear larger. Discover more about the benefits of shutters for small windows in our latest article.

Create the illusion of height

Whilst we offer a range of different styles, full height shutters are the best choice for most small windows. Their long panels draw the eye seamlessly from the top to bottom, helping to create the illusion of height. Avoid decorative elements like mid-rails or tilt rods as these can distract the eye and counter the lengthening effect. Your advisor will show you all the options during your home appointment and help select the right shutters for your window.


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Make the most of natural light

For rooms where privacy is key, café-style shutters are also a great choice. These shutters only cover a portion of your window, so you’ll get plenty of natural light and be able to go about your business without being overlooked.


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Think carefully about slat width

Once you’ve decided on the best shutter style to suit your needs, it’s time to think about slat width. For smaller windows, we recommend choosing something narrow so your shutters look proportionate to the space. Narrow slats look particularly good in traditional properties, as seen in this country-style kitchen, though any home can benefit from this stylish look.

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Fold doors right back

The great thing about shutters is that you can fold the doors right back, leaving the window free of any obstruction. You’ll get an uninterrupted view of the outside world, and a maximum amount of natural light coming into your home. And not only that, when your shutter doors are stacked at the sides, it also creates the illusion of a much wider window.

Keep it light and bright

White might be the obvious choice for dressing small windows, but actually any light, bright colour will have the same benefits. We love how these soft green custom colour shutters make this single kitchen window appear larger than it is, whilst also creating a focal point for the room. Get the look with Richmond, our premium hardwood shutters range – just choose your favourite hue.


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Making shapes

If your windows are small and awkwardly shaped, ask your advisor about our shaped shutters. Our made-to-measure service means we can make shutters to fit almost any shape or size window. With wooden louvres that can be tilted open to let the light in, or shut to block it out, they make the perfect choice for any room of the home. And of course, they create a striking effect at the window too.


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