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by Samantha Gibson

Trend and Styling Expert

Published: 27/08/2018

Recall the nostalgia of the swinging Sixties and Seventies with retro florals. Think bold, graphic prints, clashing colours and a mix of textures for a look that’s eclectic and fun.

Get the look with our selection of hand-picked fabrics.

In an era defined by nonconformity and flamboyance, colour is king for a retro vibe. For a 60s feel, choose fuchsia, orange and avocado green, or darker, earthier hues for a 70s vibe.



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Boho chic

The rise of the hippie counterculture in the 1960s brought with it a particular fashion and ethos that was all about embracing nature and flower power. To embody this era, opt for ornamental florals or ethnic-inspired prints in pinks, blues and greens.

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Flower power

Throw yourself into the bohemian epoch with a folksy floral print. This Ester Roman blind is bursting with colour – from sage green to fuchsia pink and golden yellow. The addition of natural, stripped wood shelves and a bright pop art print give this otherwise contemporary kitchen a flavour of hippie spirit.

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A change of shade

Bring retro into the 21st century with more abstract, contemporary prints. These Honesty Persimmon curtains feature a blossom pattern that feels bohemian, but still modern. We’ve continued the retro theme through the choice of white moulded plastic chairs. The 1960s also saw the first tinges of Scandinavian design start to influence British interiors, which can be seen in the clean lines of the pine side table.
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Retro kitsch

1970s design sees interiors take on a darker colour palette thanks to the popularity of wood panelling and furniture. However, this era is still defined by a love for bold patterns and textures bordering on gaudy. For this look, don’t be afraid of colour – from peacock blues to sea foam greens and ochre yellow, throw them all into the mix.

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Groovy geometrics

Hark back to the psychedelic 70s with a floral design that uses geometic shapes in repetition.This Petula Roller blind features an abstract tulip print which blends today’s grey palette with the iconic yellow ochre tone of the 70s. Embrace the rich colour palette of this classic era too, with deep blues and mustard-toned yellows alongside warm teak wood for a look that’s totally groovy.

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Beautiful botanicals

Indoor hanging baskets overflowing with lush greenery are the quintessential décor detail from the 1970s. Team with inky green walls and dark walnut furniture for a mid-century feel that is nostalgic but also contemporary. We’ve continued the botanical theme with these Greenery Tropical blinds. The oversized leaf print mirrors the indoor plants, but is a little more restrained for a more modern look.

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