Bedroom blind ideas

Tara Hall

by Tara Hall

Product Innovations Expert

Published: 11/02/2016

Updated: 15/11/2022

For a good night's sleep

Whether you're after practical solutions for better sleep or creating exclusive designer looks, we've got you covered. Explore our bedroom blind ideas and find out how we can help you find the perfect solution for your home.

Natural Bamboo Marble blinds in a white bedroom

1. Make a chilly room feel cosier

If you like cosy schemes and textures, you’ll love the rich tones of wooden blinds. Choose from a range of natural wood stains and stunning painted finishes including whites, creams, greys and black, which will suit all décors.

Windows can account for up to 20% of a home's heat loss. Closed Wooden blinds will reduce heat loss through your windows. However, for increased thermal properties, we recommend that you layer your Wooden blinds with Thermal curtains. Your local advisor will be happy to advise you.

Reber Powder Blue vertical blinds in a cream bedroom. A bed on the right hand side with a mirror above it and a desk in the corner of the room.

2. Light and privacy control

Supremely practical and versatile, Vertical blinds are especially good for large windows and doors, but look great in most windows. They come in a range of sheer and textured fabrics and prints that work particularly well in contemporary schemes, and in bedrooms where maximising light and maintaining privacy is important. That’s because Vertical blinds give you great control over both, by allowing sunlight to gently filter through while keeping prying eyes out. 

We offer an extensive range of blackout solutions including blackout fabrics for Roller, Pleated and Vertical blinds and blackout linings for Roman blinds. Your local advisor will help you find the right solution for your home during your in-home appointment.



3. Add Roman Voile blinds for daytime privacy

Voile Roman blinds are the modern alternative to net curtains. The soft, sheer fabric will help protect your privacy and diffuse the light during the day, and provide a bright and airy feel at your windows. Team with lined curtains to make a more snuggly space and help prevent heat loss in the evening.


4. Transition blinds for total flexibility

Easy-to-operate Transition blinds allow you to combine two different Pleated fabrics within one innovative blind. They are the perfect solution for light control. You could choose a sheer fabric for daytime privacy and a thermal blackout fabric for the evening to reduce heat loss. If you're not sure which fabrics to pair, your local advisor will give you expert advice during your in-home appointment. 

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Ellwood Crystal White Wooden Blinds in a cream bedroom with a desk on he right side and a bed on the left.

5. Versatile Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are a great idea for creating a statement window and adding shimmer to a bedroom scheme.

Choose a soft sheen for an understated look, or go for a pearl or metallic finish for added glamour and a wow-factor. And for a uniquely special feel, a sheer luxury finish will give your bedroom a luxe look.

Alternatively, for a warm and welcoming look, try our range of Faux Wood Venetian blinds for a practical solution that oozes style and warmth.

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white vertical blinds in a bedroom window

6. Beautiful bay window blinds

If your bedroom has a bay window, you may be wondering which blinds to choose. The good news is there are lots of suitable options. Roman, Roller, Vertical, Vential and Wooden blinds will all fit a bay window beautifully.

Measuring and fitting for a bay window can be surprisingly tricky. Don't worry because your local advisor is an expert in measuring and fitting blinds in bay windows, and will be happy to give you advice. For the best effect, your advisor will fit a single blind to each pane of your bay window and fix your blinds within the recess. Alternatively, you can choose a single Vertical blind that follows the curve of your bay for a really neat finish.


7. Blinds for skylight windows

If you’ve used your loft space to create an extra bedroom you’ve probably installed Skylight windows to maximise the light and space. Roller blinds, Pleated blinds and Venetian blinds all look great in skylight windows because they’re so streamlined and neat. Plus, they can be matched with other blinds in the room, giving you a fully coordinated look.

Block ocean geometric roman blind in cosy spring/pastel themed bedroom

8. Roman blinds for sleek, streamlined looks

Roman blinds are a great alternative to curtains. They will give you the same luxurious feel as curtains but with a sleek, streamlined finish to enhance the feeling of space.

Roman blinds come with a choice of linings too. Fully-lined as standard, you can opt for a thermal lining to reduce heat loss, a blackout lining to reduce unwanted sunlight, or an interlining for a sumptuous, luxurious feel. You can also add Somfy's market-leading motorised technology for effortless control at the touch of a button. 

A Grey Patterned Roller Blind in Silver in a one bed Bedroom

9 Bedrooms on a budget

Roller blinds are one of the smartest and simplest ideas to transform the look of your bedroom. There are so many fabulous colours, prints and patterns to choose from our bedroom blinds range, not to mention a wide variety of textures and fabrics, from recycled cotton to sheer, shimmer and lace.

They are also available in performance fabrics, including blackout, which gives you lots of options to create a distinctive look in every bedroom in the house while helping to prevent heat loss.


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