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charlie luxton's living room with blue patterned roller blinds in a patio window

Control light and privacy with Charlie Luxton

Find out how his clever selection of blinds and curtains brings flexibility to his Cornish family home.

Control light and privacy with Charlie Luxton

Architectural designer and TV presenter, Charlie Luxton’s Cornish home is full of clever solutions to help control light and privacy levels. Take a look at his top tips to bring practical style to your home.

Bringing the outside in

This versatile choice of layered window dressings means it’s easy to keep the entire space clear when the doors are open. The summer breeze billows through the voiles, while the Rollers will roll to the top of the window and sit unobtrusively out the way. This is a great way to connect an outdoor space with an indoor space during the summer.

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Practical flexibility

Big areas of glass are stunning, but light control and privacy become key issues. So Charlie chose something practical for the largest expanse of glazing in his home - sliding doors in his living space. The Voile curtains Charlie selected are a pretty way to filter the sunlight and offer daytime privacy, but for stronger light, the Roller blinds give extra flexibility. Plus, as Charlie is an all-year-round holiday-goer, they offer a cosy feel for darker evenings.
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Block it out

Charlie didn’t want his tribe waking up at the crack of dawn, so it was important he chose a blind with a blackout fabric. After all, his holiday home is a place he comes to relax. This funky geometric design adds a splash of fun to this simple kids’ bedroom, and is a brilliant compromise for a boy-girl shared space. The on-trend design has wider appeal, complementing mid-century and Scandi spaces beautifully too.
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Temperature control

For his own bedroom, Charlie chose a ThermaShade Pleated blind. As well as providing light and privacy control, it has a honeycomb structure designed to temper the temperature to a comfortable equilibrium. That way, summer sun or not, it’s a temperate place to spend time. And like Roller blinds, the nifty design of a Pleated blind means it’ll fold up small when not in use.
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