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Motto Powder Blue Roller and Tetbury Blush Curtain in roomset

Minimal Luxe

Interior design team Jordan and Russell from 2LG Studio select Roller blinds from our new collection to design a gorgeous and glamorous Minimal Luxe bedroom

2lg video

Watch Jordan and Russell from 2LG Studio style their Minimal Luxe bedroom

We go behind the scenes with Jordan and Russell as they create their Minimal Luxe look and explain what Minimal Luxe means to them, and share the inspiration behind their design.

Bedroom styled by 2LG Studio

To mark the launch of our new Roller blind collection, we asked interior design duo Jordan and Russell from 2LG Studio to create a Minimal Luxe bedroom featuring fabrics from the range. 

Jordan and Russell chose a single colour to convey the minimal feeling in their bedroom design, using texture and layering to add depth and create a sense of luxury. They picked out a semi-sheer textured Roller blind in Motto Powder Blush to fill the room with diffused natural light and layered Tetbury Blush curtains over the blinds to frame and elongate the windows. Finally, to add a dash of old school Hollywood glamour, they dressed the windows with a deep pelmet in Tetbury Blush.

Design a luxurious sleep haven

Interior design duo Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead from 2LG Studio reference the Golden Age of Hollywood in this serene and sophisticated space

Singularly sophisticated

Jordan and Russell encourage us all to embrace pink as the new neutral, coordinating with a whole spectrum of colours and patterns, and adding subtle warmth to a space. To prove their point, they have artfully created a minimal design that’s also inherently warm and inviting. By using pink throughout the scheme and choosing a variety of textures, prints and fabric layers to elevate the space, they have created a look that’s beautiful, singular and precise.

Linear luxe

While layering creates softness a sense of subtle movement, structural shapes and clean lines help to emphasise the minimal feel. Wall to wall and floor to ceiling curtains topped by a deep pelmet create a clever illusion, making the room feel wider and taller, and at the same time perfectly framing the bed, which is positioned centrally to reaffirm the functional importance of this key piece within the room.

Screen sirens

Jordan and Russell’s designs often reference the theatre, film and tv, and this room definitely pays homage to the Mad Men era and Hollywood sirens such as Joan Crawford. From the sumptuous curtains to the scalloped headboard and the tripod floor lamp, this room definitely has a filmic quality. However to stop the space feeling over sentimental, the whole design is underlined with a thin black line that not only provides contrast but lends an intriguing futuristic feel that makes it impossible to locate this look in a specific time or place.

Form and function

Luxury means different things to different people, but for 2LG Studio, it’s about investing in quality items that all have a function within the space. Choose made-to-measure curtains and blinds for a superb finish at the window and surround yourself with luxurious and tactile fabrics, including velvet, cashmere, linen and wool. Step out of bed onto a sumptuously soft rug and plump up your pillows with plush cushions in contrasting shades and prints.

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Emily murray's gritty Colour Clash bedroom using pink Roller blinds and dark grey curtains

Colour Clash by Emily Murray

Lifestyle journalist and blogger Emily Murray designs a pretty-meets-gritty Colour Clash bedroom using Roller blinds from our new collection.

- Colour Clash by Emily Murray
Pink roman blinds featuring geometric print in a bedroom

Urban Glamour by Erica Davies

Stylist and fashion journalist, Erica Davies designs a to-die-for Urban Glamour bedroom using Roller blinds from our new collection and shares her style tips to help you get the look at home.

- Urban Glamour by Erica Davies
Pink blush curtains over white roller blinds in a bedroom

Modern Rustic by Claudia Baillie

Interiors journalist Claudia Baillie designs a Modern Rustic bedroom featuring Roller blinds from our new collection.

- Modern Rustic by Claudia Baillie
Living room setting with sliding patio doors dressed with Lavida Grey Curtains

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white roller blind in the kitchen-SPECTRAL-STONE

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