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Roller blinds for all reasons

Hillarys content executive and author, Chloé Jones

by Chloé Jones

Window Solutions and Styling Expert

Published: 31/03/2021

Updated: 23/03/2022

Combining style with practicality to enhance any home

Featuring contemporary prints, plains and patterns, textured weaves and luxury soft Rollers, our collection combines practical performance with simple style.

Striking patterns elevate neutral palettes and a range of accessories and trims give you a completely bespoke look, but it’s our specialist fabrics that really give our Roller blinds range the edge.

Barely there

If you love the feel of light and airy spaces, natural styling and subtle colour, then you’ll find our range of sheer Roller blinds a breath of fresh air.

Our sheer blinds are a great way to add daytime privacy to your room without losing the natural light. The semi-transparent fabric strikes the perfect balance between light and privacy, while the sleek design will give your room a contemporary look as the light diffuses throughout the day.


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Tots to teens

Featuring plenty of playful patterns and prints, children of all ages will love our tots to teens Roller blinds range. Designed to stand the test of time, these fabrics will grow with your child’s changing  tastes, easily slipping into multiple décor revamps.

A totally worry-free choice, your advisor will supply and fit child-safety cleats as standard. We’ve also got blackout options in the range to help light sleepers gently drift off.


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Sleep better

Nothing quite beats a good night’s sleep. Our range of blackout Roller blind fabrics are specifically designed to block light coming into your home, creating the right environment for sleep.

We’ve chosen Cordova Grey for this cosy bedroom. The soft grey finish of this plain fabric is a cool complement to the snug décor.

Pair your blackout blind with curtains for extra warmth and noise reduction, and to block the chinks of light that creep around the side of the blind.


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Keep it conscious

Take a green approach to decorating your home with our range of Roller blind fabrics manufactured from 100% recycled polyester yarn, originating from recycled PET polyester plastic bottles.

This means we’re able to deliver the same high quality performance blinds with a smaller environmental impact, and you’ll get a stylish blind while positively contributing to the fight on plastic pollution.


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Luxury softness

Exclusive to the House Beautiful range, our soft Roller blinds add a little luxury to your window. These specialist fabrics have all the practical benefits of our standard Rollers but with a soft, tactile feel.

Providing a stylish backdrop to this chic dressing table, Austin Sea Salt fills this room with instant tranquillity. The graininess of the fabric allows the natural light to filter through the room beautifully, while offering perfect levels of privacy.


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A quieter space

The acoustic absorption fabrics in our range are an ideal choice for bedrooms, nurseries and offices.

The properties of these fabrics absorb ambient sounds to help reduce echo in rooms with hard flooring, giving you a little extra peace and quiet when you need it most.


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