The ultimate Perfect Fit blinds buying guide

by Yvonne Keal

Product Management specialist

Published: 11/10/2023

Why are Perfect Fit blinds the perfect solution for your windows?

Wondering what exactly is so perfect about Perfect Fit blinds? Our helpful buying guide is packed full of practical advice and style inspiration to help you see all their potential. We’ll talk you through everything from what they are, how they work and more so you’ll know when Perfect Fit blinds are the perfect choice for your windows.

What are Perfect Fit blinds?

Simply put, Perfect Fit blinds are blinds that fit inside the window frame. They’re simple and clever, designed to fit seamlessly into uPVC windows and doors with no need for drilling or screwing into the window frame. Just like the name suggests they provide a perfect fit, so you get a neat and streamlined look with no hanging cords or chains to worry out, making them a brilliant choice for homes with children and pets.

Our Roller, Pleated and Venetian blinds are all available in a Perfect Fit frame. You’ll still get the great individual benefits of each blind style, with the added convenience of the Perfect Fit design, it’s as simple as that.

How do Perfect Fit blinds work?

The key to Perfect Fit blinds is their frame. It simply clips into place at your uPVC door or window and the blind fits snugly within it, creating a sleek, tensioned look with absolutely no drilling required.

A really simple, fuss-free solution they’re especially handy if you’ve young children or pets, as all you need to do to operate them is use the simple tab to raise and lower the blind. There’s no cords or chains that might get in the way - they’re inherently child safe.

They’re also a wonderfully useful option if you have French doors. As they become an integral part of the door itself, you can easily open and close your door and move in and out without having to adjust the blinds at all.

When Perfect Fit blinds are fully open, they stack neatly at the top of the frame so you can enjoy the outdoor views, and depending on the type of blind you choose they’ll help control light, privacy and temperature too. We’ll get into the different blinds available in a Perfect Fit frame next.

What types of Perfect Fit blinds are there?

  1. Perfect Fit Venetian blinds
    Metal Venetian blinds are made up of horizontal slats that can be tilted to control light and privacy levels, so they’re great for living rooms and bedrooms where you want a modern look as well as practicality.
  1. Perfect Fit Roller Blinds:
    Roller blinds offer a clean and minimalist look with a single piece of fabric. There’s loads of colours and designs to choose from and they’re really practical too, available with blackout and moisture resistant finishes.
  1. Perfect Fit Pleated blinds
    Pleated blinds fold in a concertina style for a textured, softer look at your window. We’ve got blackout fabrics to reduce the amount of light coming through, and specialist thermal fabrics to keep your space at a comfortable temperature.
  1. INTU Micro Pleated blinds
    A clever no-drill solution specifically designed for bi-fold doors. They’re really compact, fitting to each individual door panel, with a super slim style that won’t stop your doors folding back.
  1. Top-Down Bottom-Up Perfect Fit blinds
    Top-Down Bottom-Up blinds offer so much flexibility. You can lower them from the top or raise them from the bottom so that they sit wherever you like in your window for versatile control of light and privacy.
Gemma Gear
We're pretty hands on ourselves but when it comes to window dressings, the measurements need to be spot on and I don't want to risk getting it wrong! Hillarys were heroes and did everything for us wonderfully.
Gemma Gear

Why choose Perfect Fit blinds?

Seamless integration: Perfect Fit blinds blend seamlessly with your windows and doors, creating a neat and tidy appearance.

No drilling or screwing: There’s no need for drilling or screwing into your window frames so your advisor will be really quick and clean when installing your blinds.

Light control: Perfect Fit blinds fit flush to the frame, reducing the amount of light that can creep through the sides.

Safety first: With cordless operation, Perfect Fit blinds are great for households with children and pets as there’s no loose cords or chains.

Effortless operation: They’re really easy to operate with a simple thumb tab so you have total control over levels of light and privacy.

Energy efficient solutions: As Perfect Fit blinds fit tightly to the window frame, they’re great at trapping heat to help keep your space warm in winter and cool in summer.

Perfect for doors: They’re a brilliant choice for French doors, allowing you to open and close them really easily.

Minimal maintenance: Perfect Fit blinds require minimal maintenance. Occasional dusting or wiping will keep them looking great.

Where do Perfect Fit blinds look best?

The sleek design of Perfect Fit blinds complements modern kitchen aesthetics, and they are easy to clean, making them a practical choice for this area.

For bathrooms, moisture-resistant Perfect Fit Roller blinds are an excellent choice. Or, what about Top-down bottom-up blinds that provide privacy while allowing natural light to enter.

In bedrooms, you may prefer Perfect Fit Pleated or Roller blinds for their soft and cosy appearance. We’ve blackout options too so you can get a restful night's sleep.

Living Rooms:
Perfect Fit Venetian blinds offer both style and functionality, allowing you to create a space to relax with the perfect balance of light and privacy.

If you’ve got uPVC doors, Perfect Fit blinds are a great way to control light and privacy without obstructing the movement of your doors. They work really well in French doors, or if your doors are Bifold we’ve got special INTU Micro blinds that are specifically designed to fit snugly at your doors so they can still fold back into their neat concertina style.

Architect and TV presenter George Clarke sitting in conservatory fitted with Hillarys blinds

Keep your conservatory comfortable

In rooms like conservatories, temperature regulation is crucial. With so much glass, it can be difficult to retain heat in winter, and in summer, the glass absorbs heat and becomes unbearably hot. Perfect Fit blinds are a top choice. Fitting tightly to the window frame they’re great for managing heat and draughts, helping make your conservatory more energy efficient while looking amazing too. Join George Clarke in our video as he takes a look at how Perfect Fit Pleated conservatory blinds can help create a comfortable temperature for a room the whole family can use all year round.

Discover conservatory blinds

What type of Perfect Fit blind is the best for temperature control?

For the ultimate in heat retention, choose Perfect Fit Duette Pleated blinds. Our star performer when it comes to reducing heat loss through your windows, Duette blinds are made up of honeycomb-shaped cells forming a pleated fabric that traps air creating a barrier between the warm room and the cold window to keep things warm and cosy.

And when it’s hot outside, the sun reflective coating helps prevent light from being absorbed, so you’ll stay cool in the summer too.

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Windows come in all shapes and sizes and ready-made solutions don’t always offer the perfect finish. With a made-to-measure product you know it will fit properly and look the part and with Hillarys the service is always so friendly and the process so seamless.
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How can I look after my Perfect Fit blinds?

We’ve got handy cleaning guides for every blind type that comes in a Perfect Fit frame, so you have all the tips and tricks you need to maintain their good looks.

Simply follow the steps in our Roller, Pleated or metal Venetian blinds cleaning guides or follow along with our videos - they've plenty of advice on keeping your blinds in tip top condition, from choosing the right cleaning equipment to using the right technique.

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