Feel stronger, study harder, think clearer... take a perfectly timed nap

Nap Planner works out the perfect time for you to nap and wake up ready for action. Choose from three nap types, each offering big mental and physical gains.

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Tips for enjoying the best nap

Find a quiet place where you can relax. Ideally, you’ll be able to lie down comfortably.
Close the blinds or curtains to block out any sunlight from the room and make things totally nap friendly.
Start to calm your mind and body. Breathe slow and deep and quiet your mind (try counting sheep, seriously). Cover up with a light blanket.
Dreaming of sheep!

How you can harness the power of napping

Thanks to the Nap Planner, you no longer need to waste half a day sleepily struggling through the afternoon and evening. Instead, you can schedule a performance-enhancing nap and own the whole day.

Here’s how it works.

Understanding the essentials of sleep

You probably think of sleep as one long stretch lasting from the time your eyes close at night to when they open in the morning. Actually, sleep is a series of roughly 90-minute cycles, each comprising five stages.

Each stage offers its own rewards for your mind and body. Understanding these stages is key to releasing the full potential of a nap.

Stage one: You close your eyelids and relax. As you drift off, your thoughts float away from the day’s events towards vivid, random associations. This is stage one sleep and it lasts for up to five minutes.

Stage two: Your heart rate slows and your body temperature drops. Your brain switches off and you become truly unconscious. Stage two gives your mind and body a rest, so you wake feeling alert.

Stage three & four: Now you’ve entered Slow Wave Sleep (SWS). New information is processed and remembered, while useless details are pruned. Waking during this stage can leave you feeling groggy.

Stage REM: Slow and steady breaths turn into short swallows. Your heart rate speeds up and blood rushes to your head. Your eyes flick from left to right to left and you start to dream.


What is an optimized nap – and why do I need one?

The Nap Planner offers you three optimized naps: each one unlocks the power of napping by cherry-picking benefits from the different stages of sleep.

Choose the nap offering the qualities you need and achieve more with your day.

Does your enthusiasm drop during the day?


The energy charge is your classic power nap, lasting 10 minutes and taking in stage one and two sleep. So you wake feeling alert, cheery and with improved motor skills.

Have trouble processing lots of information?


A 60-minute memory tune takes you all the way into stages three and four, giving you SWS gains. Your brain stores all the vital information it’s taken in during the day. You might experience slight grogginess on waking – a splash of cold water on your face should do the trick.

Feeling mentally and physically wiped?


During this 90-minute nap, you’ll pass through an entire sleep cycle, including REM. You’ll wake with much improved cognitive and physical abilities – just like after a full night’s sleep.


Nap Planner even schedules your nap for maximum returns

To feel the biggest gains, you have to take your nap at the perfect time. Fortunately, Nap Planner schedules this for you, based on your increasing need to sleep, which starts from the moment you wake in the morning.